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Winter Float


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how far can you float down stream in a days time? (like how far is 10 river miles )and then what would be the next 5 or 10?... i'm thinking about a three day trip 20 to 30 miles maybe more if i could catch a rise!! :lol:


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It has a great deal to do with what level of water we have here, Low water simply means in many zones virtually no flow rate,and maybe drag the canoe if you do not know how to navigate at tailwater level.

Those poor guys who use drift boats !!! That's work.

Good flows rates, will give you someting like 2 to 4 mph, depending on your location and cfs flow rate. As a rule say from BS state park you could easily do down to Buffalo city, a little over 30 miles in 3 days or less.

Many guys canoe the float from Cotter to Buffalo in one day, 15 miles app. With good water flow rates.


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