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Report For November:


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For some reason this past month we havn’t seen a whole lot of no generation days on the White. The lake level is low 648.00 or 6 feet below normal pool of 654 feet above mean sea level. Generation is sporadic with some weak less than a unit of generation up to a full two units of generation with lots of Yo-yo’ing of the water. Thus I’ve been spending a lot of time down river below Cotter where this effect is less obvious and does not affect the fishing quite as bad as it does closer to the dam. On the days when I can fish low water nearer the dam I do take advantage of this situation as the sight fishing for brown trout is much better. If generation does begin I can stay in front of the the water and continue to wade fish. My best low water flies are the Roo Scud tied by Leonard (taneycomonights.com), various colors of San Juan Worms and egg patterns, as well as midges. Mostly nymphing upstream with long leaders and shot. When fishing for rainbows on low water I rig up my fisherman with various colors of thread midges with tungsten beads and indicator. Higher water patterns also include the same flies with a long leader a little more weight. Some dry action is still to be had but there really hasn’t been the BWO action there should be. Probably because it seems like October all over again. I’m ready for november to show up. Perhaps it will get here in December or mabey we’ll cram it all into next week

For complete report and blog click http://flyfisharkansas.com/blog

Jimmy T.





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