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Thanksgiving Day Fishing Report


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After two hours of unsuccessful bowhunting this chilly morning, I regrouped and took the flyrod to Taney this afternoon.

I fished two hours Veterans day evening at the boat ramp because it was crowded on the upper part. I caught 4 on an unweighted black barred pine squirrel and caught 11 off Platte River Specials. Green wire body with brown dry fly hackle behind the eye. I bought mine at Anglers And Archery. They knocked the snot out of red and green that day.

Job stress made me seek solitude at the boat ramp again today. I fished 2 hours again, 1:30-3:30. Platte Rivers yielded only 4 fish because there was not alot of dimpling/midging going on. I saw alot of flashes near the bottom so I used tandem GBugs in olive and ginger. I netted 9 more during a rather breezy afternoon. Biggest was 15" and I lost one lunker. It was a day to be thankful that I could go hunting and fishing.


Don May

I caught you a delicious bass.

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