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Last Nights Fishing Report...


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I fished Wed morning from 3am to 9am. I was useing a purple mohair leech. They were knocking the thunder out of it but not eating it. They ate the tail right off of it. I did catch about 15 fish but it could have been a killer night if I hooked half of what I missed.The mob moved in at 8:00 and I had to leave. It was like one minute no one, the next minute 50 people. I did see several hogs swimming around but not intersted in what I had in my box. VERY NICE fish you caught!! Thanks for the picture!!! Are you fishing the skuds with a glow stick??

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i will vouch for that hog as i was there-heck! i even took the photo-sorry, you just cant make a photo look good with leonards mug in it(oooohh! that one was below the belt) anyway, what a fish-definitely the biggest i have seen there recently-it had very impressive girth as well)




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