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I've caught a few whites and heard that the wipers run up there in the spring too, but I can't say I have heard of any stripers being caught there.

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I've caught quite a few smallies in the Lower Osage, mostly smaller ones but a few 15 in. or better. The feeder streams, Tavern Creek, Saline Creeek, Maries River, and Moreau River, all hold a decent population of smallies. The Lower Osage has a huge population of spotted bass so, true smallies are getting harder to find. The spots are mixing it up with the smallies. I've been catching more and more "spotted smallies" (hybrids). I did quite well on decent size crappie this fall, and heard others did better. I can't wait till the spring run to hit it again. Also, it holds a decent population of walleye, but I think they are really sauger. As far as stripers, I haven't got into any, yet. I think they'ed be closer to the dam, than where I fish. This forum has been pretty dead, glad to hear somebody is out there.


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