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Friday Night Fishing Report


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I arrived at 5pm to 1 generator running, so I started below outlet 2 with a olive scud and caught around 20 fish from 5 to 9. Then I met up with Leonard and we had some Special Coffee to start. We started at Outlet 2 and he showed me how to catch the big browns, granted most have move back down stream there was still one left for me to catch. We both estimated him at 25" give or take. We then went up to Outlet 1 and fished with scuds and eggs. We each caught 10 to 15 fish. At 2am we had some more coffee and headed to KOA to do some strippen for a couple hours. By the end of the night we both had another 15 or so fish. All in all it was a pretty good night and Leonard has a wealth of information on night fishing Taney.



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Hey Muleball,

Good to meet you last Friday night. Both you and Leonard had big smiles on you faces. Was it 1) You just caught a slab brown? 2) You were catching lots of fish that night? or 3) You were on your second helping of the special coffee?

I attribute to a combo of all three.

I fished one hour that same Fri night from 11:30-12:30. I hooked up on a dozen fish but only landed 4 stocker bows. The next night was my best night trip so far. I fished Sat night from 11:00-2:00. I turned my cousin on to pine squirrel and I caught 18 and he caught that many or more, all stocker bows. We were the only ones there and the bite was hot in the flats below no 1. The weather was warm where I only needed sweatshirts instead of a coat and the water was like glass beacuse it was the only time all weekend the wind did not blow. The highlight of the night was when three deer crossed Taney in shallows above chute 2. How awesome.

Good Fishin.....Don

Don May

I caught you a delicious bass.

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Hey Rodney..

I enjoyed the fishing and putting a name to a face...

I had a blast.. we need to do it again sometime..

I must add...

Those fish down around KOA were fighters..

using a 7wt they doubled it over like a monster brown.. and they were 14-17in range.. AWESOME little fighters!!

I had one on that striped my drag about 30 feet...

it was good...

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Don it was great to meet you too. I would have to agree that it was a combination of all 3!! I will have to agree with Leonard, the fish at KOA were like catching wild trout on the North Fork, they were fighting like no other. I will be down Friday Night as well.

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