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Fished Benett Sat Dec 8th

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fished benett sat december 8th from about 11:30 til 4:00 and the fishing was superb. started below the spring and picked up 5 or 6 on olive size 16 scud and size 12 beaded nymph. all were fairly small(none over 13 inches)

then drove down to the bridge and fished below, under, and above it up to and top of the spillover dam. started below the bridge hooking fish at a fairly quick rate in the fast water on olive scud. started to look for some bigger ones and finally found a couple. started working a nice brown(probably 22-23 inches) 2 drifts and i got hung up on overhang branch from bank and the fish spooked as i tried pulling it loose. walked down about 30 yards and found a nice rainbow. it was in a tricky spot and took several drifts to get it-finally it took and it took the line out screaming drag. i had 6x tippet and was keeping my cool but the fish did a belly roll and broke my line. it was a nice rainbow about 5 lbs. found another decent brown 19-20 inches and foul hooked him. netted quickly and popped hook out of his dorsal. started back upstream and found the same brown that i spooked earlier. after about 5 drifts it took and the fight was on. after wearing him down i got him to the net. guessing 5 lbs at about 22-23 inches. took quick pic(which i will post later) released. i then switched to an olive pms slightly modified and the fish swarmed it like pirahnas. mostly small fish until i got closer towards the dam. i flipped it in the middle and up comes a nice brown about the same size as before but missed the hookset. got on the dam and made some casts-hooked and landed a nice nice rainbow-23 inches. i landed it but it did not want to swim off. i didnt bother taking pic because i wanted to revive this thing(one guy from IL saw me catch it) anyway-it did eventually take off strong and i think it was just in shock. i guessed that i landed around 50 fish with most of them being fairly small except the ones mentioned above. it seemed that the overcast and the rain really helped the fishing out. i did notice one guy below the spring and above the handicap jetty giving them trout sore mouths-not sure what he was using but i am guessing he had a high number count when he was done. if you like fishing and dont care about weather it was a fantastic day out on the water.




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Nice ......... That fast water area in Zone 2 consistently produces good fish and sometimes I think is overlooked. 22-23 inchers are awesome anytime. Olive PMS .... hmmmmmmm. Have to take the boss on a cruise and can't get down there until the weekend of the 28th. Really looking forward to it. PC

Cheers. PC

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