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Managed Deer Hunt In Cuivre River State Park


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My son and I went to Cuivre River State Park in Troy, MO this weekend for the managed hunt. Had to kill 2 doe before you could hunt for a buck. Arrived Friday afternoon with some friends, set up camper and went out to set up our blinds. We were pretty excited since there was approx 2" of snow/ice on the ground, so you could see well with the white ground. Saturday morning it started sleeting/freezing rain and continued all day....saw 3 doe, nothing close enough to shoot and that was it! Heard Saturday eveing that out of 140 hunters, only 37 deer were harvested. Sleet increased overnight and this morning it was horrible.....everything was coated with at least 1/2" of ice, trees falling and branches crashing everywhere. Since it was so bad, we decided to chip the ice off of everthing and head home. Had to venture into the woods to get our blinds which wasn't a very smart decision since it was like going into a war zone with everything cracking and falling. Had a blast with my son and our friends, but the weather stunk!!

Fish On!

Mike Utt

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