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Red Gold

Phil Lilley

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To me there is a simple solution. Don't do it. What if the people who say, "the mine won't do any damage" are wrong, then it ruins the whole ecosystem there. One sure way to make sure the mine doesn't do any harm is to not build it.

I guess the other thing I don't like here is the term "multinational company". I don't think they care squat about the environment, especially if it's not their home. Will the "multinational company" profit from "our" resources? You bet they will! Will we, the people of the USA who really are the owners of these resources, get some remuneration from this? Probably not.


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"There is a conventional wisdom that says ecosystems are fragile...conventional wisdom...is not always wise." -Bruce Jenkins, Northern Dynasty.

What a Schmendrick.

By the way, Northern Dynasty is a Canadian/U.S. company. They mine gold, copper, and molybdenum. Molybdenum is used as an alloying agent in high tensile steel aircraft skins, and electronics. It's the main element they are after in the pebble mine area. I'd tell you to boycott them, but you'd have to go completely off the grid to do that.

Paul Rone

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