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The Great White Outdoors...


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It's that time of year again, when the small ponds freeze over leaving unsuspecting panfish everywhere open to attack. Anybody else planning on going out into the winter wonderland for mid-winter fun? Care to reveal hard-water secrets to the rest of us?


WARNING!! Comments to be interpreted at own risk.

Time spent fishing is never wasted.

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St. Louis University enjoyed having your Basketball team in town Saturday night, we need all the wins we can get. :swt:

SIU looks to need a point guard if they plan on having another fantastic year. :huh1:

Hope you make March Madness :blur:

"God gave fishermen expectancy, so they would never tire of throwing out a line"

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As good as the Salukies have been in the past few years, I had to do a double take to see them near the bottom of the Valley at this point of the season. I hope they bounce back, but not at the Bears sake.

" Too many hobbies to work" - "Must work to eat and play"

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