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Roaring River


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I noticed the track hoe is at the park, that can only mean more stream work.

So I contacted Jerry, the supervisor of the hatchery, and asked him what they had in the works, here is his answer:

Hi Tim-- You ask about the track-hoe. We are replacing several of thelogs with rock low water dams. The slurried concrete on the bank in a number of the areas will also be taken up. We are also installing a lowwater dam at the junction of the C&R area and the artificial area. The work is from Dry Hollow upstream. There may be a small amount of work done on Mondays. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will not be disturbed. I'm not sure if they will start before the holidays.

So this will probably not effect fishing much, but I thought those that come down a lot in the winter would want to know.

Tim Homesley

23387 st. hwy 112

Cassville, Mo 65625

Roaring River State park

Tim's Fly Shop


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I experienced fishing in the fly area a few years ago when construction was going on upstream. The water murked up brown and most people couldn't see the fish so they moved upstream. It was one of the best bites I've had at RR. Cloudy water has always been my friend down there.

Don May

Don May

I caught you a delicious bass.

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Sounds like its time for some black buggers!

"Its clearly Bree time baby!"

Member: 2009 U.S. Youth Fly-Fishing Team. Competed Czech Republic. 7th Place Team

Member: 2010 U.S. Youth Fly-Fishing Team. Competed Slovakia. 4th Place Team

Member: 2010 U.S. Youth Fly-Fishing Team. Competed The America Cup. 4th Place Team

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