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Hi. My name is Bob , and I have been fishing the Rogers Adventure Weekend (RAW) Tournament for the last 15 years. My son Nick has been my partner for the past ten years. With finally listening to Phil's advice, and learning to fish a jig and float, we have started to finish in the mony the last couple of years. That isn't the important part of this tournament for me. I think I "win" every year because I spend a great time with my son!

The RAW tournament is great fun because it is more like an annual reunion. It is by invitation only, but there have been years that we have had more than 150 entrants. Many have been there since the beginning. Although I only see most of them once a year, I look at all of them as welcome friends that I am glad to see.

Although I don't get to fish as often as I want to, I look forward to comming down to Branson, and Lilleys' Landing as much as I can. With retirement looming in the next couple of years I may finally get to spend as much time there as I would like to.

I want to wish a great New Year, and Good Fishing to Everyone!!!

Real men go propless!

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Well I didn't know you did internet!!

Did you leave the keys to your gator??? Sure would like to see how far the tail will shoot!!

RAW (Rogers Adventure Weekend) started a few years back by 2 brothers, John and Ray Rogers. It was just a bunch of guys who wanted an excuse to go someplace on a winter weekend and fish or hunt. I understand there were a couple of trips in the beginning but only their trip to Taney has stood the test of time. This may be their, what, 18 or 19th year? It's always a fun weekend for the guys and us... a grand reunion.

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You need an excuse for that?

All this time Ive been saying I had a friend with the flu. Haha. Nice to meet ya Bob.

"May success follow your every cast." - Trav P. Johnson

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I get on line when I get a chance. Most of the time just read fishing reports and some of the posts. Working out of town so much, I should get a laptop so I can keep up.

I left the keys with you in the office. About two-hundred feet with the power trim all the way up. The gas tank is about full, have fun!!! Remember that with a jet no thrust-no steering. When you get off the throtle it goes where it was last pointed.

I'm probably not going to make it for the Masters, have to be in Bloomington ILL. that Sunday night. I don't want to drive back to St.Louis, and then another 200 miles to bloomington.

See you for RAW for sure, and going to try to make the Team tournament this year.


Real men go propless!

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