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Sunday Foat


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Sunday afternoon, we floated from Kissick Dam down to Hwy. 160 bridge. It was a nice day with 16-18 black bass, the largest being 17 inches. We did not catch a single smallmouth. I can also report that the water was too cold for swimming. I would recommend that you stop fishing before you enter the riffle with the stump in the middle. We didn’t and got wet. We didn’t loose anything but our dignity, though. All in all, still a good trip.

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Yeah, that old dam above 160 got me and a freind the first time we floated it while trapping. Luckily I was in back and he was in front. It put us at a dead stop while going pretty fast. I ended up in the bottom of the boat and he ended up over the front of the canoe into the water. I was soo shocked I couldn't even laugh at him for a few seconds, lol. That was on the right side of the river as you're going down. Be careful.

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