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roubidoux creek

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There's been some talk on the Roubidoux... you might search for it and see where it was. It may be under the wild rivers and streams sections. There was some discussion on putting it on the forum... can't put all the small streams on or it'd be too big.

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I've fished it a few times. I've never fished the headwaters that flow into Ft. Wood but I hear its pretty water. Unfortunately those same folks, said that it was virtually devoid of decent sized smallmouth. The 3-4 miles of trout water from Roubidoux Spring to the Gasconade has a few trout & smallmouth in it but its an urban area, and it gets hit pretty hard after the stocking truck leaves. The lower reach is worth a stop if you want to add it too your list, but I wouldnt make a weekend out of it. Cheers.

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i've heard the red-ribbon section is decent, but i haven't had any luck either time i was there. its a shame people won't fish it catch and release

Cute animals taste better.

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