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Elevenpoint River

There are two rivers in Missouri that are the most sought after as far as scenic beauty and tranquility, as well as fishability—the Current and the Elevenpoint Rivers. The Elevenpoint starts like most rivers in central Missouri, from the Ozarks hills, but it gets boosted by one of Missouri’s largest springs — Greer Spring, which dumps more than 200 million gallons of clear, cold water into the Elevenpoint. Rainbows and browns abound below the spring, making its waters perfect for floaters who love to spin or fly fish for trout. The Elevenpoint is also part of the Ozark National Scenic Waterways, protected from development. It flows 138 miles south and joins the Spring River near Black Rock, Arkansas.


Elevenpoint River Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports for the Elevenpoint River
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