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  1. Thanks guys, probably looking to hit some trout later next week. The information is appreciated.
  2. Has anyone seen the river lately? I realize it is probably an impasse, but I'd like to head down as soon as possible and don't want to waste my time. If anyone could provide information as to the fishability of the river, I would appreciate it. Thanks-
  3. Thanks for reading. I have no problem providing whatever knowledge I may have so ask away if you need something. You can also email me at jonathanatchley@hotmail.com if you would like. The thing that was increasingly frustrating when I started fishing at the Illinois is that I found it nearly impossible to find quality information about fishing there. Are you new to fly fishing or just the area? I'd be glad to help in any way.
  4. Hit the river yesterday and wrote about it on my blog. Here is the link if anyone cares to read: http://thejonathanatchleys.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/coming-to-terms/ That was much easier than typing out the whole report. Thanks.
  5. 9/11 report - Fished for a short amount of time at the dam, hit the riffles pretty hard with a few different patterns and didn't have any luck. We also made the long trek to the car hole, which you should definitely save your time on. Hiking in from MarVal is almost impossible with the way the river is shaped, but yes we did make it happen. They then turned on the generators, so we hiked out at T&M and hitch-hiked, quite an experience. All that to say, fish the Watts area. It wasn't what I would call slow Saturday, but it wasn't that hot. I'm sure you have heard, but the water is extremely murky, and I will just leave it at that. Sunday we got into some good fish. You can tell while you are walking in that the area just below the parking lot is no good; still water that pretty much looks like a large pond. Take the trail and runs you downriver and to the riffles. From there, the other set of riffles, just another 300 yards downstream worked nicely as well. Red for some reason seemed to be the hot pattern. I hooked up on a red #10 wooly, #14 copper john, and a (red) #18 midge. Those were by far my most productive patterns, as I pulled in 11 in the evening on the Copper John and wooly alone (all while dead drifting with occasional slow strips). My #14 hare's ear (brown with bright gold flashback) also proved well, as did yellow flashtail mini-eggs and Y2k. The fish were quite picky, more than usual. Therefore, I would suggest light tippets, I did the best when I used 5X. I would also suggest throwing a two fly rig. My most productive was when I trailed the wooly with a flashtail egg. If you get bored, the channel cats were hitting on the woolys, worth a shot every now and then. Hope this post is helpful, best of luck out there.
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