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  1. Thanks for the info DaddyO. I have fly fished down there probably a half dozen times over the last year with mixed results. I have always fished up near the dam usually on one end of the island or the other. Guess I need to go down below Watts and give it a go. The Lower Illinois is only about an hour from my house in Broken Arrow. I would like to know that water as well as I know the White, Norfork or Taney.
  2. I know the answer to this question is going to be all opinion. Where is the best place to fish for both numbers and size on the Lower Illinois River?
  3. That's awesome fun. I had an afternoon/early evening like that a few weeks ago up by the dam. I have never fished in the area below Watts. How far below the parking lot is the stream gauge or trophy area?
  4. Are there many other creeks in the Branson area that would hold trout in the winter months?
  5. Do many trout run up Bull Creek in the winter months? Might be kinda fun to chase them in some skinny water?
  6. Always Ready To Fish!

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