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steven tolly

Water Off Fishing, Below The darn

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Ok so we are headed down there in less then two weeks for a 5 day trip. I made my first trip last year and you could say I get a little obssessed with fishing when this time of year comes around. I have read every article I can read and bougth the flies I think I need, but last year all we did was fish out of the boat. so I was wondering how the fishing is during the day up below the darn. Is it usually crowded during the week? What should I bring and will I mostly be sight fishing or casting and letting it drift down stream?

Any advice is great, when the water is running in the mornings we will probably be drifting in the boats, but I really wanted to try some wading this year.

Thanks for all your help on the forums I have read articles about everything I can find I was just looking for any other bits of specific information you might have.


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If the water is off go to the dam and fly fish. You can read about all the different flies to use on here. We mainly fish there with fly rods and micro jig under a float. Lilley's shop has all you will need. Remember no bait or soft plastic above fall creek. You can still do hard baits and we do well on rapalas and jigs up there. Cleos are also good but you will catch mainly stocker on them.

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