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  1. I did some quick google research on sterility of hybrid bass. Several sources, including tis one https://appliedecology.cals.ncsu.edu/wp-content/uploads/300.pdf, reveal that hybrid bass can be fertile and breed with stripers, white bass and even other hybrids. Thanks for the info fishinwrench.
  2. I thought that Hybrids are sterile. While bass fishing on Truman Lake way up the Pomme De Terre arm, I once caught a 13-11 Hybrid.
  3. The solution to this problem is a 5-10 MPH speed limit on all cruiser class boats or bigger, but the driver of any boat who obeys this speed limit cannot be cited for boating while intoxicated. Of course, government will never enact any common sense solution to any problem.
  4. I tried that when I started in early October with little results. I had better luck in November fishing some big docks with a rogue for suspended bass, but it has been slow most days this fall.
  5. I moved to the lake in late April, but did not start fishing until early October. I have had a very difficult time catching bass. Has it been slow for you?
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