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  1. I had thought of getting one before but never did, may have to check it out
  2. I remember the days of catching them on Gramps farm back in the day, love eating them
  3. Randy Howell posted on his FB page he had been fighting flu like systems since Icast. Too weak to stand, dehydration and breathing problems.
  4. I never knew the man, talked a few times through here with him. It is very sad, losing a loved one is the worst thing that can happen to you, it never goes away. The helplessness one has grieving with loss is uncomprehensible. My deepest condolences to his family and his closest friends is at hand. RIP Bo.
  5. I can remember going to the lake in the summer in a 18’ years back and able to fish during the day, not any more and that’s a shame, I miss it down there in the summer.
  6. Two best so far have been a 3.9 large mouth and a 3.9 smallmouth
  7. Had a good day yesterday, first day of a week at the rock, with 3 nice keepers as this with two more who threw the hook at the boat, had a few shorts but not many, hoping with the same weather conditions this bite I found today with a spinner bait will stay strong. As always the rock will determine your success despite what you think you may have figured out.
  8. I’ve had a good one at nite 2 of the last 3 weekends of Sunday thru Tuesday
  9. I liked the old Bill Dance shows with the regulars of Mell Tillis and Jerry Reed, they were always getting into mischief. The shows are now based on selling products, I don’t watch them anymore.
  10. I wish that was the reason for a aching back, I wouldn’t complain about it if that was the case for sure, but all is good, we all work through the aches and pains as we get older. Tight Lines!
  11. Came down to Shell Knob Saturday nite with intention to nite fish. Found gizzard shad schooling to my surprise Sunday, was sure threadfin were in area also, went back at nite had 3 keepers, and a few others, didn’t get out till 10:00 pm Monday nite after the rain, that front was the trigger, 10-12 with 6 keepers in the 16-17” range, wanted to stay longer but my back was bothering me quite a bit and tired, in by midnight. Great time for sure
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