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  1. Thanks to Bill B for stating the obvious These vaccines are a modern miracle there are 3 teens on vents right now in Spfd Every patriot should do their part to put this disease to rest without that we are setting ourselves up for failure
  2. There is a search for a missing kayaker on the James south of Nixa. He was last seen attempting to get back on his kayak near some downed timber.
  3. That I had tail hooked a giant carp or the bass of a lifetime. After 5 min of drag slipping (17lbtest) I grasped that this was no ordinary fish. I swear when it rolled for the first time it looked 6 ft long, I beached the boat to get her landed.
  4. I posted this 10 yr ago so if you know of a bigger one chime in, it was early spring and I was throwing a 2 oz dbl wleaf spinnerbait (poured and made myself) I was letting it helicopter down on standing timber, hopefully looking for a big pre spawn LMB. The Flathead weighed 52 lb, until I hear different I’m claiming the record.
  5. I caught a 52 lb flathead on a dbl wleaf spinnerbait in 2006 as far as I know it’s the biggest cat caught on a lure in tablerock. Have caught other smaller ones on bass gear. Just saying
  6. I lack the skills to move a txt pic to my photo app
  7. My daughter just sent me a pic of a capsized boat out in the channel
  8. Giving me waves of nausea ,their other posts talk about “showing support for our president “ a thinly veiled political event, nuff said.
  9. 52 lb many years ago on double one oz spinner bait
  10. As a rod builder I chose two st croix legend elite blanks 7’ and 7.5 ‘ med lite I used the soft touch mud hole grips and flexible titanium REC guides for a true light in the hand feel I chose 2 piece models which has allowed ez storage and travel easier on trips. After years of building most big name rods Sage, Loomis etc I feel the st croix are in a league of their own........at least in the spinning sector. One thing I don’t go nuts on are the reels I’ve found the pflueger mg reels 99$ to be all I need especially with braid/fluoro set up
  11. I have caught 6 over 20 one of those were from Table Rock lake. I use hand made Jigs with gami’s or black nickel Matzou’s for hooks I dress the streamer with a mixture of grey craft fur and SLF I swing this fly on a sage 9.6 5 wt z axis that I built with single foot Titanium guide. The trick is to fish like your nymphing you must use a system that composes a castable system of strike indicators After the initial drift throw some slack in the line which turns it from a horizontal presentation to a vertical one The jig allows a more accurate presentation as it slowly meanders along the current seams and holes I have a jet so it’s a simple matter to go up and run back up for a do over. Well I’ve just condensed 35 yrs of fly fishing for smallie’s BTW I also use spinning gear with 2 Legend Elites I built I’m never too proud to pick up a Ned rig when necessary Using jigs and strike indicators will add a new level to your game
  12. Do you ever use the big ones I have good times with them on stripers fewer bad ones with the larger sizes
  13. In my area (Nixa) Home’s with 3 car garages are bringing a 35 k premium . When we bought 13 yr ago it was at the top of my list. I’m able to squeeze in a boat, truck,Mom’s suv, workbench ,2 bikes , a Ztr mower and a wall dedicated to rods and tackle. It also has hot/cold water and a central vac port in the garage. We don’t have a mansion it’s just 2200 sq ft but I stood by my guns and have never regretted it
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