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  1. shifts with the motor running so I’m going to try it.
  2. It tightens but doesn’t lock down...wonder if I could just put some blue loktite on it?
  3. Had to take it off and make it bigger...then put the bottom one on...and slid it on the top and that was all she wrote...thanks for the help do you think I should worry about that bolt that I stripped? The other three are tight
  4. Ok.. thanks. I’ll try to adjust it down. I think I stripped one of the four 7/16 bolya going into the lower unit. It tightens but not all the way
  5. Thanks. I just edited my earlier message because I sounded like an idiot. But The shifter and rods are moving up and down correctly and the prop locks into gear
  6. So I finally got it apart...I don’t know what I’m doing 100% but I think I got it. It shifts anyway without the motor running. Thanks
  7. Went back again this evening. We kept 20 total...should make a good mess of fish for the youngest birthday. caught em all casting jigs in a 100 yard section of the river above the piers. Probably could’ve done as good or better than we did on any section of the river...but I like it up there on the gravel. lot of trollers out...saw a guy catch a 20 pound spoonbill on a a shad rap...pulled him all over the river but they were able to land it.
  8. We went tonight after work...caught a dozen white bass and one crappie. Water was 57 degrees crappie we’re close to the power line...and better white bass were above the piers. We were casting chartreuse swimming minnows
  9. I don’t go above 10c so I’d start within a couple hundred yards of the power line
  10. The gauge looks good....Its came down a lot since Saturday. I won’t be able to go til Friday after work because of baseball...but I wouldn’t be scared to make the drive right now. This is prime time
  11. it should be on like donkey Kong down there this week...The river should be calmed down by now.
  12. Save yourself a heart attack...take your boat to lake Kabetagoma and reserve one of the Boat-in campsites in the park. we went to ash river trail a couple years ago...fishing was good, but we went 1st week of June. plenty of solitude, and a Steak dinner with cold beer is available close-by. I dreamt about doing a boundary waters trip...but I’m out of shape...and honestly didn’t want to work that hard on vacation. i was planning to go to the arrowhead section. I would definitely base camp. That time of year the fishing will be tough.
  13. probably better wait til midweek if thinking about coming over. water was 54degrees we put in at twin bridges and ran up the spring...Neosho was rolling. Was hard to get out of the current even on spring river side...so came back and went under the railroad trestle. We went a couple miles down river and tried a couple spots...but lots of trash in the water. all in all...it was a nice day for a boat ride was about all. We’ll probably go to the strip pits tomorrow...should have went today. 10c bridge on the way home...
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