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  1. Ya...I agree I think the gatortrax barge is the coolest duck boat. Make it flat with a cubby hole to hide in...
  2. I’ll buy the chairs Marty...thanks
  3. Little bit of everything today...a dink white bass, keeper walleye, 24 inch channel cat...and quite a few bass and bluegill...not a lot of keeper bass today..mostly 12 to 13 inchers wind blew a little today...So temp wasn’t too bad. We slept in til 10... caught a couple on a keitech...Jake said it’s a bait of a thousand casts...but I don’t think it’s that bad...but close same thing main lake gravel between 17 and 25 feet...meathead or finesse worm working best drop shot style...no goggle eye we doubled on the walleye and small ky
  4. We’re still catching them fairly well...whew...it’s hot...but the beer is ice cold same baits...jig and a drop shot mostly largemouths on the jig...and kys on the drop shot no goggle eye yet...but we aren’t using crawlers. I had troller on anchor last night and I caught 4 or 5 in a row...and back of boat must’ve been over the brush...cuz Jake got hung up every time he dropped. He said to take it off anchor...I said don’t leave fish to find fish....pretty fun we slept in til 8 again this morning but managed a couple nice ones on a bluff bank
  5. Thanks...we’re having fun...but boy it’s hot. We woke up at 6 today and tried a couple different spots. We stunk it up...I finally caught one on a keitech...out of a cedar tree I don’t like driving the boat at night...can’t see very good
  6. We waited til 6 or so. It is still really hot in the sun at 6pm Jake caught one nice one on a jig...and i had another get off at the boat. Probably worst hook set ever...I thought I lost it early...and then it jumped a couple times at the boat and spit the hook. Looked to be a good one. I caught one good one on a spinner bait...then Jake drop shotted 4 or 5 before coming in at dark. im trying to catch some on a keitech but I haven’t done it yet...not sure what I’m doing wrong now..just watching the fire burn
  7. A spinner bait. A 1/2 ounce black single Colorado blade spinner. I think war eagles are good. Black/chartreuse is my favorite. Put a trailer on it
  8. We slept in til 8 but managed one good one on a jig...a skinny 20 incher in the bushes. some drop shot short kys...but no keepers its hot out...we probably won’t leave the camper til 7 tonight
  9. We got here and got setup...left the camper about 5 and fished a spot where we’ve done good with a jig in the past...and no joy. So that’s a bummer. I haven’t gave up catching them on a jig...but they weren’t on our best spot. But we might have been too early and probably too shallow. The boat was in 16 or so casting in front of the bushes. The fish were probably under the boat so we went to a drop shot spot...about 7...and caught 10 or 12 between us. A couple keepers but most were 13 Or 14 we we’re fishing anywhere from 17 to 25 feet with the drop shot. Watermelon chart tail finesse worm water is 89 degrees We ended up doing ok...about 530 or 6 I was hot...and no fish. Probably wait a little later tomorrow to go
  10. big fish...good job..looks like you took them home and ate em...with that fence in the back Me and the boy are headed down tomorrow to Campbell point for a week. any tips on what depth or anything to help us? I’m not asking for directions...just an idea of what is working. we usually drop shot and jig fish in front of the bushes this time of year...anywhere from Campbell point to the mouth of the James river thanks
  11. Ya...I’m a dummy. I’m not mechanical at all. Most times when I try to fix things it ends up costing me more money...than if I just take it someone...but I still try. Don’t get me wrong...I YouTube somethings...and I am able to fix stuff on occasion. I actually YouTubed this...and thought it was above my skill level some people are able to fix things...and some people can’t. I am 9 times out of 10 unable to fix stuff. But it sure makes me proud if I get er done...
  12. I just looked at the receipt...he changed the thermostat too but charged me 2 bucks for grease...still seems fair tho
  13. I finally got around to taking it to the mechanic. He said when I put the lower unit back on...I pinched the water tube. So it didn’t get enough water to keep it cool. he said he pried the the tube straight and hooked the bottom up...and replaned the head...and replaced the head gasket. Said I melted some sort of rev limiter is why the throttle felt different....but since it’s electric start...not a big deal to just remove it. Said if it was pull start...probably better to have it...so it doesn’t throw you out when you try to start it. $172 later...he assured me it’s good to go...I guess that’s a pretty cheap reminder that I am not a mechanic...and that wrench is right. Those old evinrudes are tough
  14. He whackedem pretty good for only fishing about 4 hours...we caught 5 over 18. I fished a big worm...and only caught one over the slot...but it was fun
  15. It’s a Great Lake...oldest sons favorite last weekend...boat in the creek channels pitching jigs to hedge tree tops. Here’s a couple pics
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