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  1. Many years ago when I was in the Southwest Missouri bass club we had Charlie Campbell as a guest speaker. He was asked by one of the members what the qualifications were to become a professional bass fisherman. His reply. " Have enough money to pay the entry fee"
  2. Same here at Stockton lake. I live here. Of course last years wave of people was pandemic driven. This year is not quite as bad, but still way above normal.
  3. Got out late yesterday afternoon. Put in at Mutton north. Decided to let the bass tournament guys conclude. Seven bass tournaments yesterday and five more today. That seems a bit much. I targeted crappie and wasn't disappointed other than most were small. I caught most on a roadrunner with a faster than normal retrieve in 5-8' of water halfway back in coves. The banks with good size chunk rocks seemed best. Water temp was 58° halfway between Mutton and CC. I kept five to eat. Threw back several large white bass and largemouth.
  4. Nice Smallmouth. Got to make down there this spring. Probably going on 20 years since I've been on Bull Shoals.
  5. I was in my truck just making the tour. No fishing today. Maybe the one lone boat at Ruark will give a report.
  6. I do expect the lake level to be close to 866 by tomorrow eve.
  7. I went bye CC yesterday afternoon. The mud line had just passed the ramp and there was a strong current. The same can be said when I went bye the 39 bridge. Today the current had subsided substantially. It should have little effect on main lake fishing from a clarity standpoint.
  8. Great bunch of fish Todd. Have you got Live Scope or just using your graph to find those suspended fish and deep water fish?
  9. Thank you. Same to you and fellow OAs
  10. I was there Tuesday and it was dirty, but fishable. Take a number and head up the river for white bass.
  11. On a complete different note, when I stepped out of my cabin up here this morning I was greeted by a huge otter trancing through the woods. I am about 1500" from waters edge.
  12. I watched two different boats using them about a week ago at Stockton and they were watching the screen and catching crappie. The fish were over deep water. the person I talked to at the ramp after my day of futility said they were 40" deep over 60' foot of water. I understand they are a great tool, but have reservations where this will lead to fish population wise over the next few years.
  13. waterpossum


    There were some big whites on the flats on the upriver side of CC bridge Thursday. I was crappie fishing with Bobby Garland baits among the huge schools of shad. in 9-12' of water
  14. There has been a 180 acre farm for sale on 1774 over looking Price Branch. I wonder if this is the landowner we are discussing. Years ago I was able to drive into the back of Googer off of Y highway ( county rd 131) but the last time I tried that road was blocked (I believe the corp quit maintaining that road)
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