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  1. ollie

    Report 8/1

    Just a quick report from yesterday. Buzz and I got on the water a little later than normal due to the expected rain in the forecast, but we were fishing by 8 for sure. Buzz started out quick with a couple on top water and I had one blow up as well, but nothing to hand. The fishing was really slow the first two hours of the morning and I thought it would just be one of those days where we drink more beer than actually fish! lol That all changed about half way through the float. I finally landed one in the yak and it was a chunky 12" largemouth. Then I had another one on right away, but it threw the lure out and that was it for me for a while. Buzz caught a couple more though and the bite started to pick up. We stuck with throwing top water because by God they finally were hungry and were hitting the bait all the time now! Buzz lost a good one that threw the lure as well. I caught about a dozen or so and I know Buzz caught more. The one thing we both noticed though, was just how many times we had one on and it would throw the lure. Those darn treble hooks will catch everything else like trees, root wads, moss, clothes and anything else imaginable, but sometimes they just won't stick in a Bass's mouth!🤨 It turned out to be one of the better outings we have had in sometime. We slowed down our float at the end and were still getting hook ups and blow ups well after 2 in the afternoon. It was one of those days were you could truly say you left the fish biting.
  2. This is one topic that gets my blood boiling! Why can't people understand they are hurting the eco system when they do that? I would venture to say that most of the time it happens it is because someone has to move and can't take it with them. Oh, I can't bear to see my pet goldfish die so I should just release it in the creek or local lake. 🤬
  3. Apparently hard enough! I was just making a side arm cast like any other time I would. So not like any harder than I normally would. Of course since they are lower price point rods the warranty on them were only a year. Both of them lasted over a year, but that was about it. I'm not certain whether it broke right as I hit the boat or after it tried to load up because you can tell where I hit it. The guide was bent right there so I'm not sure whether the line couldn't load and snapped it or whether the rod just snapped when I hit the yak. And yes I was throwing a lure well within the weight limits of the rod. 3/8 ounce spinner bait I believe is what I had on.
  4. Just had another Falcon rod snap on me this weekend. 🤬 Three to four years ago I bought the HD brand bait caster and while I was trying to dislodge a lure from behind a rock the rod snapped. I noticed the break occurred right at the flex point. I was bummed out and thought to myself, well, you brought this on trying to man handle that lure out. Fast forward to yesterday on Father's day no less. Buzz and I were just dyeing to get out on the Elk and fish it. We load up and headed down. We are no more than half an hour into the float when I grab the Jason Christie bait caster and give it a toss. While I was in the motion of casting I hit the side of the kayak. Guess what? That rod broke almost in the same spot as the other one! Right where it starts the flex point. A good foot and a half from the tip. I have older rods from them I love and never had one do this before. Obviously these are made cheaper than they were in the past. I hope you guys who have the higher end rods from them don't have this problem. I know I won't buy another Falcon at the cheaper price point again. The rods casted great and were fairly light so they really did feel good in your hands. Save your money for a better one is all I can say.
  5. I bought a Lews speed reel just recently and like it so far. I owned a Okuma as well and I still like that one. I have 4# P-line CX Premium spooled on my reels for trout. Never really had any problems with the reels or line for that matter.
  6. My wife is an RN in Joplin and she has already seen people who DID get their vaccine still come down with it. Heck, my son just tested positive for the virus on Tuesday and he has had both his shots. He felt sick in a different way for three days. Head was pounding, chills, and he said the worse was the muscle cramps all over his body. Went to bed Wednesday night and woke up the next day without hardly any of the symptoms. So yes, you can still get the darn thing! But I also have to wonder how sick he would have been had he not got the vaccine. Will never know. At her age I'm surprised she didn't get the shot. My mom was scared to death to go outside before she got her shots. She figured if she caught it she would die for sure. She has had lung problems before.
  7. Yes, now is the time to sell your vehicle if you don't want or need it! I had posted earlier about the pos I have and couldn't fix. I finally ended up buying a subaru so I put that truck up for sale. Sold it within 48 hours of posting and got what I wanted for it. I thought about posting it here for sale, but I didn't want to put my fellow fisherman through that! lol My neighbor bought a brand new dodge challenger for listed 40K two years ago and the dealership where he bought his offered to buy it back for 39K. Crazy!
  8. Sorry for your loss. I have a friend from HS that lost her child at the same age. Brain tumor I believe. I know she still has problems to this day with it. Very sorry for you and your family. Just take it one day at a time and that is about all you can do.
  9. ollie


    My wife is an RN for Mercy and thank God she wasn't scheduled that night. Although the next day she had to report to the make shift shelter out of Memorial Hall. It wasn't just bad, it was horrific and if you ask someone who actually lived through that one they will tell you that every time those sirens go off (even for tests) the feelings just overwhelm them. My ex mother in law was one of the ones that made it out of the nursing home alive, but since it was a complete shambles she was moved to another one. Two days later she died. No one did an autopsy so who knows if that was part of it or not.
  10. I would second what Devan said. Smallies just aren't in there from the lake. I have fished that area a bunch of times and never caught or seen one. You used to be able to park below the bridge at 86 and fish that, but then again I only caught largemouth out of there as well.
  11. I love kayak fishing as well, but I wouldn't dare get out on the main part of a lake in one! Back coves and along the shoreline would be the safest bet not to get run over!
  12. That's the one. Didn't think anyone else knew the name of it! lol It sure doesn't fish like it used to that is for sure. Most of the time it is covered in moss as well, but not this last week.
  13. Update on this project. Got all the parts needed for this finally on Thursday afternoon and took the truck over the next day for him to work on. Right off the bat I was pissed off when I opened the box of injectors and I found 5 good ones and a core from someone else engine in the box. Now I have to use one of my older ones since we have the intake off and the fuel meter body. 🤬 After it was put back together we bumped the key and gas shot out of there like a fountain! One of the injectors didn't get seated well enough so back to taking it apart again. After that issue was taken care of I took it for a spin. Ran great until I found a hill to climb. Started up the hill fine, but when I got it up over 55 it started to misfire again. Turned around and drove back to the mechanics house. When he plugged in the code reader it came back as a misfire on cylinder 3 again. So here I went and spent a bunch of money on something that didn't need done. The problem is deeper into the block. Either a problem with the cylinder itself of the lower gasket could have a leak next to it that is taking in air. I'm done. Selling it whenever I get the chance. It's not worth sinking more money into it at this point. If it weren't my daily driver I might keep it and work on it when I had the chance, but I can't keep driving it this way. Then yesterday on the way home I heard a noise under the body like when you drive over a branch and it gets stuck. I pulled over and looked underneath and found the problem right away. A metal strap used on the gas tank for support rusted through and half of the strap was just hanging down dangling and hitting the tank. Enough of this pos
  14. Took Buzz to a small lake in SW MO between Noel and Jane yesterday. I have known about this place since I was a small kid and have memories of catching lots of bass out of it. It is a day lake where you pay at the mailbox down the road. Been that way ever since. Fast forward to the current and the fishing is a LOT tougher than when I was a kid! lol The way I understand it is that the lake was formed in the mid 50's and it is fairly deep as well. So I guess when I was a kid in the late 60's it still had a lot of stocked fish in it, but no much anymore. There are bass in there that is for sure, but the dynamics of the lake have changed more than likely. I fished it before about 5-6 years ago and didn't do so great on it as well. Since then every time I have went by there it is mossed over big time. So I went last week and was surprised to find that the water was down and super clear. They had also cut a lot of timber next to the shoreline to clean it up as well. Looked pretty good so I gave it a go. I only caught two that day, but it was nice to see the lake was in better shape. I also got stuck in soft grass and had to get the lady down the road to yank me out! Now to yesterday. We got there around 8 and when we pulled up the water was up big time and all the timber was muck floating all over the lake! That hard rain that flooded out much of NWA brought that lake up about 4 feet. I won't lie, it was tough again to fish. Buzz hooked up right out of the gate with a nice 15" on top water so we thought that was a good sign, but we soon found out it wasn't. I finally hooked up with a bass about 10", but the best part of that was it was on a new rod I had out a couple of times already and hadn't caught anything on. Got the skunk off of it finally! Then I scored again not long after that with a 16". That would be all for me and then Buzz caught another one that went about the same size as my first one. That was in 3+ hours of fishing. We called it quits after that and came home. Buzz bait and spinnerbait were what we caught them on. Couldn't get a bite from anything else we threw.
  15. And then it was over. 🙁 Well, not completely over yet. I did get a feed from yesterday with someone and friends catching the piss out of them somewhere up above 10c bridge. They were in some shallow water and apparently hammered them! probably hit and miss now.
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