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  1. Beats working in the salt mine.
  2. Not a lot of action for me today, caught 6 10-13 inch smallies. Gave them my best shot, jigs and Keitechs and some top water, but never found any sizeable fish. Did see a little striper top water activity for a bit early. Had one blow up twice on a walk-the-dog bait, but didn't get him hooked. Lots of small shad swimming in the main channel of Indian. Surface temp 77.
  3. That is a lot of squirrels.
  4. Here's a pre-can beer bottle, found at a flea market, not in a river. One of my ancestors was a snake oil salesman. When I lived in Washington, my neighbors were bottle collectors, they used to travel all over looking for bottles and would dig into old outhouse holes to look for them too. They gave me this one, probably 1870's or so.
  5. Looks like a neat lake, no gas motors, not that big, 670 acres or so, ought to make finding them a lot easier.
  6. Watched the latest episode of Ike's World or whatever the name is, anyway Ike went fishing in a reservoir in NJ by the name of Merrils Creek and they caught a lake trout. Looks to be easily within JF's driving range. Dunno if you've got a lake trout yet on your species quest. @Johnsfolly
  7. Man that is some good fishing! I went today and made myself stay shallow and I stunk it up, 3 little 12" spotted bass. Did catch a big gar on top, had him snagged in the side of the head, he pulled drag and did some tail walking, couple of times that fish was completely out of the water, kind of neat to see. Had him head first in the net, I was going to get his head in the net then grab him by the wrist at the tail, but he got a hook snagged on the net and tore free. Was glad to see him go, but on the other hand would've liked to get a pic.
  8. I do remember those, something else I had forgotten about.
  9. That is a pretty neat find, I can remember the days of using can openers, well I remember the adults using them. Something I had forgotten about, it's neat to see reminders like this of the ways things were back in the day. It also brings back memories of those throw away tabs they used to have on cans, pull the tab right off the can. Oil cans too.
  10. Could've qualified for a world record, but it got fried. White catfish catch shatters Connecticut, and maybe, world record | KTUL
  11. That's great, life is keeping me busy so haven't had a chance to get over to the Beav in a while, but looking forward to the cooler weather and good to see there are still a few in the lake.
  12. Camping at the park will be closed so I anticipate the power will be off, so bring the charcoal - Jeff.
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