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  1. The President is a great reel at that price. I've gone to braid/floro leader too, better casting distance with braid, and a lot less line snarls. And as Pete mentions, if you want to try another line size, you can swap out the leader rather than re-spool.
  2. Yeah that looks to be a really BIG bass, congrats!
  3. That is one heck of a deep diving Wart, it will be interesting to see.
  4. Hard to figure out what they are doing, Newport Gauge got down to near 12, then they pulsed some water out of Bull and TR, gauge got up to 13, looks again like they are letting some water out in a similar pattern to yesterday. No updates on their Facebook page or website that I could find.
  5. I have a Hamby, it has been on my boat for 9 years and it is still snug and secure. I have no experience with the Keel Guard brand. Might need to try fishing the Keitechs a little faster myself. I always let them drop and slow roll them.
  6. Almost to 13 this morning and it appears they have opened up a little on the release from Bull, and Bull has dropped an inch or two in the last day.
  7. Sometimes you just gotta throw worrying about the cost to the wind and just get a big darn truck.
  8. I think you're good - might want to add some crawlers to fish on the drop shot if the fishing is tough. Just edited this, fo some reason I thought you were bringing a 6 yo with you, but reading your post, you're not. But you could still fish crawlers if the going get tough.
  9. Well the river gauge on the White at Newport AR, has dropped to just above 14 feet and still going down. According the the last COE operating policy I read (assuming nothing has changed since), once the gauge gets down to 14 and if the White river lakes are at 70% or higher flood capacity, then the COE can start "regulating". We might start to see some water moving real soon.
  10. You might want to look into the MO Army or Air National Guard. I believe using a combination of state and federal GI bill type programs they will pretty much pay your tuition.
  11. I remember Palaniuk winning on Bull, that was a while back, maybe 7 years or so. I also remember him being in the mix on Grand, I think it was a Classic - had his friends and family watching from the shore where he was fishing a crank. Might have been the Classic Pace won on Grand.
  12. Fisheries technician position open here in Bella Vista, it's working for the POA so it is somewhat of a government job. Don't know what it has for benefits. Recruitment (adp.com) In your case of not having a degree, it's going to be tough to find a job that pays well in the fisheries management sector. You'll end up competing against people that have degrees in that field.
  13. Cool, can you fish during the week? I have family in town next week, so I won't be doing any fishing until after June 21.
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