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  1. I edited......my demetia is apparent. It is actually "constipation of the mind.... diarrhea of the mouth".
  2. This may ha ve already been posted but my dad had a saying "constipation of the mind.... diarrhea of the mouth." I suffer from that now and then. Medical science is working on it but it keeps mutating.
  3. Yes. Been where he made them. I don't know exactly what brands he " rolled " and " baked" but he could and did that. Great guy but business struggled esp when so much went to china. He could turn out a lot of great rods.
  4. Those are both great. Congrats. Make it a do over in 2021!
  5. Not smart enough to give link but it's on youtube. Search youtube for PeteWenner and dec 10 2020. Someone else may be able to link. Good video. I think this is the one.
  6. Sorry folks but I wanted to link to our video on previous post. Not good at this stuff. info@lsmounts.com or call at 870-365-9463
  7. We are just introducing our new Livescope or Lightsight to control your transducer independent of the trolling motor. We are making a quality mount at an affordable price. . It is light in weight and will look great on your boat. I have had a prototype on my boat this summer and it works great. I like the fact you can scan around your boat for targets while moving forward and then stay on a target with your spot lock. Please go to www.lsmounts.com for information and mounting options. We would like to hear from you. info@lsmounts.com or call at 870-365-9463
  8. Been there a couple times. Best luck we had was on points on east side. They would move in mostly in evening. Caught 18- 22 inches. Tube lures and ned's and spinning rods. We went in June so things may change this time of year. There are some large rocky areas in lake as well. Great place to go. Big water and can be windy at times. Have fun and be safe.
  9. You'll feel like you own the lake. Very few after dark. Just you and the nats. Stars are bright. I kind of like a brush hog. Blue or black color. Texas setup and work slow. Good luck
  10. Scary ...so glad your all right. We need a second chance now and then.
  11. Travis is correct. Nice white meat. Kind of like me......not very a very pretty face.
  12. Dutch....try8702045355. they are open.
  13. Not sure either. I'll try to check and get back with you on that. Don't know what you want but there is a sporting goods called big Creek trading Post in Bellefonte 8707437296. You might check there. Allen can get about anything if he doesn't have it.
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