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  1. Weird. That just doesn’t make any sense. But they do a lot of things out there that don’t make much sense.
  2. I’m not talking everywhere on the lake. I know those rules. But there is plenty of room to drop your kayak on the other side of the courtesy dock without being in the way of the ramp. Done it that every single time I have taken my kayak out there.
  3. Why would a kayaker need to use the ramp there? Plenty of room east of the ramp to drop your boat and get out of the way.
  4. I made the post about outlet restrictions as a joke since it seems that the purists that started it only know how to fish there.
  5. Most intelligent thing ever said here.
  6. Are they capable of fighting off a large dog for the same small fee?
  7. My step granddad used to make me hold the light and he would shoot them with a 22. We always had to go and wade around in these farm ponds full of snakes.
  8. Sage makes a good rod. I don’t own one but have fished them a bunch and they get it done. I’m not a good enough caster to appreciate the extra expense. I’ll stick with my various options in Echo, Redington, and Scott. Hey Dudes rule!!
  9. I can't help that. Sounds like a problem for Orvis since their name appears on the video.
  10. Exactly. I wish I would have had a good pair of breathable waders back in the bass tournament days.
  11. Well it was created by fly fishing folks that are sponsored by Orvis.
  12. I could get a limit in the back yard in about 15 minutes.
  13. Actually when I was a kid my Dad had written permission to access a farm pond through an old lady’s property. That was 1970 something. I was with him the day she gave it to him. He said it was silly but kept it in the glove compartment. I thought it was cool. Even though he had that he always stopped by her house to ask if it was okay to fish on that day. Out of all the ponds he had access to that is the only one he asked permission every single time. It’s also the only landowner that got fish fillets dropped off to on a regular basis. I wish I knew where that letter is.
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