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  1. I have been wanting to hit taney with the meat from a boat for years now. This would be highly entertaining . . . alao getting shown up by tyler again would be fun as well!
  2. Flyrod can't cast jerkbaits 😆😁😜
  3. That tyler jig is legit... Ive seen it first hand. Dude slays with it. Nice work tyler ! Need to get out again soon
  4. Biggest was 4 and half or 5 then 4 them 3 and half then three then several 2 and a half and twos . fun morning with father in law. Started at 7 am fished until 830. Twitch twitch pause and explosion.
  5. Well total blow out you sit on thw couch and pout... However , once the water starts to fall it creates perfect conditions. Fish the edges anywhere the current is softer. The fish will hit with reckless abandon and big bugs or little bugs work equally good. Streamers seem to shine in my experience. Buggers have and always will be the best crane creek streamer. I weight mine with a tungsten bead in sizes from 12 up to 6. Focus on structure or edies and edges . wading is difficult if the water is very high. Just get as close as you can and make splash with the fly.
  6. Yeah verona got wiped off the map as well thanks too spring river.
  7. If not for the baby id be wandering the creek in search of giants. This time of year with high water they would be willing to play and maybe even take a big fly.
  8. Biggest mayfly ive ever seen as were....
  9. Happiest of birthdays rick! Maybe someday I'll get to fish with the two of you. I haven't done that since I was litttle lol
  10. For sure stock at walleye rd bridge and at the parking lot above that on the other aide of the field. Also stock at the park. The hatchery manager from roaring told me this.
  11. It is not private in the water... Just on land across from park. The park is public and a lady cant tell you not to fish there
  12. Nailed it. . . I caught one white and saw more walleye caught then I've ever seen in a day. Insane
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