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  1. As far as we know the professionals are marketing types just spinning the politics for profit. There is no such thing as instant research. No one on this forum has access to any "facts" either for or against the vaccine or even the virus it is meant to prevent. We are all speculators, none having any more basis for their guesses than the next guy. It's fairly good entertainment though when some folks get triggered by the other guys believing in fairies and news.
  2. No one alive today remembers when the "News" wasn't written to influence public opinion, unless they are survivors of the War of 1812. All the politicians in the USA over the past 200 years have played with "The News" and how it can be manipulated to influence votes or popularity.
  3. Do we think that the vaccine was even tested for long term side effects? Was it even tested for side effects at all ? All the covid vaccines were panic built and that always means poorly designed.
  4. I'd guess you have no basis for that guess.
  5. yay! it remembered me today! the three signins each visit was getting kinda old.
  6. that's what happens when invasive species get established, both the fish and the prey https://lake-havasu-sports-guide.com/fishing-reports/5-years-after-world-record-redear-sunfish-catch-invasive-quagga-mussels-considered-a-likely-contributor-to-monster-sizes-of-these-sunfish-at-lake-havasu-duh/
  7. same issue two or three logins required and unsecure site warning then error code
  8. Horton's? I didn't think they still had that open to fishing. Seems like 20-25 years ago that I was told the fishing was poor. My older brother used to like fishing there and was friends with the owner.
  9. I've never seen one of those that I know of, all the pickups I've owned or used were either ~8' (+ 1"?) or too short to be of any good. Learn new stuff even at my age.
  10. rather unusual isn't it? I would have guessed 8 foot.
  11. Funny, I never heard of any of these shows, except the Dance guy, saw one of his shows at the brother-in-laws about 40 years ago, and laughed at him over and over. The hero would make make a cast wearing one shirt and seconds later when they show him setting the hook and fighting he fish he'd be wearing a different shirt. Bil never noticed it til I pointed it out, but it happened a couple times in that show. Guess i was either at work or gone fishing when those guys were on. That was the only time I saw Dance on TV.
  12. Get a map, I can't recall all the roads- Places I used to wade fish in NWA, that might still be accessible or that you might get land owner permissions for- Lots of development over the past 20 years and I don't know current status- Spavinaw Creek near Gravette and Gentry; Little Osage Creek and Osage Creek near Cave springs-Elm Springs; Flint Creek north of Siloam Springs; Illinois River - parts should be public in Weddington WMA off #16 highway or US-412 Other places near you you should look at in your area - War Eagle Creek; Clear Creek; Lake Sequoyah Park; Lake Fayettevil
  13. Oil works on ponds for sure, but a large leaf can hold enough water for mosquitoes to hatch. What those people need is "herd Immunity" to the disease.
  14. I want to see the filleting contest that follows after all the limits are weighed in. Fish fry to follow?
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