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  1. I think kayakers are right there with otters. Even the ones that don't fish provide exceptional stress on the entire ecosystem.
  2. Not from this forum but pages I have book marked that may help. https://www.swtu.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Fly-Tying-I-Instructional-Booklet.pdf http://www.swtu.org/pdfs/fly_tying/Beginning-Materials-List.pdf http://www.cascadecrest.com/v/vspfiles/fly-tying-manuals/BasicTroutFlys101.pdf
  3. I only know these clubs exist, and there is another, maybe, there was a (I think) Mid Mo Chapter of Trout Unlimited Southwest Missouri Fly Fishers Missouri Trout Fishermen's Association It might be worth a visit to BP, years back, one tying club event I saw had a stack of those cheap vises BP sells and I got the impression they had them as a promotion.
  4. Perhaps more pertinent to this thread- some Greek ~500BC said- "in war truth is the first casualty". In this case, as in Pearl Harbor, truth may have been sacrificed to justify the starting of a war. or perhaps- “God is not averse to deceit in a just cause.”
  5. I think it's paraphrased from Those Who Remain
  6. It seems like every spring the outfitters put people out on the Elk at near flood stage and every year there are a couple more deaths or several near disasters.
  7. Graphite is kinda brittle material and at least in fly rods any bump or bang on the outside may result in damage/spalling to the inside of the rod, not visible from the outside, that causes later failure. A fly hook colliding with the rod on a bad forward cast is said to have caused many fly rod failures. I can imagine that stepping on a rod does it no good, but, simply banging it sharply against any hard object puts the rod at risk. Articles I've read indicate that if the rod breaks into two pieces, it is almost always the result of a previous impact. It's also said that if the rod breaks at 12-18" from the tip that it's from high sticking and that if it breaks in several places at the same instant it is from overloading. Anytime I see someone with more than one rod out, I just assume that he is trying to get them broken so he can have an excuse to buy new. I've only broken 12-15 rods over ~60 years though so I haven't yet discovered all the ways to get it done.
  8. We lost our freedom and the constitution on that day, but gwb came out of it a hero with the best rehearsed speech he ever made, maybe the only articulate speech he ever made. So there is always a silver lining for someone.
  9. So the poster is listed as "guest" with no profile, maybe no longer a member? And the post says "sold", with never another post regarding it, why do people keep asking if the guy who ain't here no more still has the land he sold? or am I missing something?
  10. If you don't understand their language, how do you know that they are Amish? Might they be Polish, or Armenian? Kurds?
  11. Are ships backed up along the west coast waiting to off load really production shortages ?
  12. I see them all as 'tourist traps' with the emphasis on decor rather than angling. I'd buy online from them sometimes but that webstite just bogs down this old desktop and stops up the country internet connection.
  13. I've always found it hard to buy at Bass Pro. The only interested help is at the entrance wanting to get you signed up for credit cards. Then try finding a sales person. Not much I'm interested in either, 90% of the store being clothes, other 90% being boats and the tackle being lots of the same stuff with very little variety. They have some guns but I don't need those and the archery section is like the fly section- never any staff. Kids gave me a gift card there a few years ago and I made at least a dozen trips to the Rogers store before finely just buying something I didn't want to use the card up. I like to walk through it every month or so just to reinforce the need to buy online. Ratty dead animals every where you look too. And the website is the absolute worst I've ever found. Cabela's website worked good until BP took over and now it is just as bad. But they are still in business and getting bigger.
  14. I think that's a misunderstanding, you can "guide" any where in Mo. with no license except your fishing permit. In Ar. you need the $25 permit. The USCG paper is just to hire out your boat to haul passengers, well any commercial use, but in relation to fishing and guiding it's the passengers for hire. If it's your boat and you charge your passengers, you need the paper whether you guide or not, and ifs it's not your boat and/or you don't charge them for the ride you don't. But I'm not an attorney. Does the USCG mention guiding specifically? at all?
  15. But it's not legal anywhere in the USA under Federal laws, and they trump State laws, if you use it you are an illegal user. The USA does not recognize medical use. That said most law breakers are used to telling lies and breaking laws so no big deal to swear to another little perjury.
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