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  1. I guess i read your post wrong. I doubt you will have any trouble getting rid of it
  2. Yep, they have been 1499 forever now so 1200 is still a deal. I think i got mine for 1300 after Russell Marine put on a sale where you could buy gift cards for 10% off. IT was worth every penny. You will be happy
  3. It was nice meeting everyone. Finally put some faces with names. I think in the 9 years ive been on this forum i had only met 2 or 3 people until this. Congrats on the win Cheese, you earned it was a tough day for sure
  4. Great, that ruins everything i had in my head to do tomorrow
  5. Since we can start anywhere do we need to make our donation somewhere before tourney time?
  6. I always have rejuvenade in my livewell before i start. I had a few bleeders this summer and threw them in there as quick as i can and the bleeding stops instantly. IT clots up and you can see it float to the surface. I love that stuff
  7. Got out a couple times last week, The walleye seemed to slowed down a bit, managed two keepers and a couple shorts. Trolling and spoon feeding them. Not sure what the table looking thing on my graph is but it always has fish on it and i did pull one short walleye out of it on a slab spoon. Shad are thick an i think it is hard to compete with the real thing right now. shad are small 1" to 1.5". I did catch two Largemouth that were identical i weighed them both 3.52, and a 3.54. Also ran up to the dam to mess around, caught one 3.40 on a jig and lost a good one on a square bill.
  8. I saw one on saturday at Pomme chasing down an osprey
  9. We fished the USA Bassin regional on Saturday, 24 boats. Fairly tough on everyone it looked like, took 14.91 i think to win. We got 4th, had 7 keepers all day, Most on top very shallow, buzzer and plopper, 1 on a square bill. We fished the Pomme arm all day, water temp 73.
  10. My problem is i like to use spotlock and i hate having that bulky remote hanging around my neck, I dont know how many times i set the hook and reeled up my remote lanyard, nothing like choking yourself out and having a fish on the other end. lol. For 3 grand i want to use the features otherwise I would just go back to a cable steer.
  11. Yeah the dock is usable and they were even there adjusting it last time i went. The Zebras arent really as bad as ive seen in the past. Yes there are some dead ones on the rocks and stuff but not even enough to stink. I did run up by the dam and fished a little around Shadow Rock Park and they were thick and stinky up that way. The last week i was fishing i just fished Bull the whole time, so i just open up my livewells and let them dry out. IT will be another week before i get to Table Rock so im not to worried about them hitching a ride. Also as thick as Zebras get around there when the level is normal, it blows my mind how Table Rock isnt full of the too. I just dont think Table Rock is right for them or we would have them in there by now
  12. IS your pedal hardwired or wireless. I hardwired mine and it seems to work fine. I just hate where those buttons are on it, they are so easy to hit on accident. And that pedal just feels so flimsy. I screwed mine down so it would feel more solid. To me the pedal does actually work great especially compared to the Xi5, that pedal was basically unusable. I had mine alomst 5 years and there was no getting used to it. The Garmin pedal actual steers like a normal cable steer just a little more touchy Im not really trying to complain about mine, i just thought for 3 grand it would be a little more refined than it is. Im pretty hard on stuff too so time will tell. IT does have way more power than i need even on 24v. i can get my 19ft boat to 3.5mph no problem and my boat is wide for an older rig
  13. NO.... that is with constant trolling cranks for walleye. IT lasts a day bass fishing just fine and all the lights stay green. I was just comparing it to my Xi5 i used to have when i trolled cranks a lot
  14. I told a couple dozen deer cookers that i thought i was great but i was lying to make them feel good. Ive had it every way under the sun by many different people that have the "perfect" recipe. Unless its summer sausage or Jerky form, no thanks. Id rather go to the store and get beef
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