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  1. I wont be there next Wednesday, Ill be back on the 4th
  2. It was a good day we ran from Cape to Mill creek and picked up one here and one there. had all our weight by 10:00 am. Then it seemed like it got tough
  3. It was the best day ive ever had on Table Rock. Our best 5 went 20.25, and the 17.50 for our 4 fish weigh in. Big Bass 6.62
  4. i will know Wednesday. Springfield lake just was a little dingy today when i went over. Usually thats a pretty good tell tell for me
  5. yee yee, im all set then beer and worm fridge has what i need already
  6. I know what you mean wrench. I never use wire nuts, Im a Solder guy, and that electric glue.
  7. I hear ya, i just cant stand the thought of my boat sitting somewhere for a few weeks, when i can have it bolted up and wired in an hour. And on top of that having to pay a shop to do something so simple. Ill probably be eating my words in 13 months lol.
  8. Has few dings, never seemed to hurt anything $175. Prefer local pick up in Ozark
  9. What kind of beer was it? I want to make sure i have everything ready for when it shows up
  10. Mine shipped today, Ill be putting mine on myself. There is no way I could wait for a "pro" install. Thats sucks about the warranty though. I am to impatient, i feel like ive already been waiting a couple years
  11. Man you guys suuuuuck. Just finally bit the bullet mine is on its way
  12. Me too, that guy is a machine and he is always the happiest dude ever
  13. Awesome day Dan. I caught lots and lots in the 12" range last summer. Table Rock is going to be great in a few years
  14. I actually rolled my graphs back to the original software when livescope first came out. All the new stuff just caused issues. I had to get the file online from a guy and put it on a card and then put it in the graph and do a hard update. IT was a pain but worth it
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