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  1. Just now ordered some. Ive been meaning to for a while, thanks for the link guys
  2. I dont think people are really that scared of the vaccine, its more just a bunch of grown men not like being told whats best for them.
  3. Ive never caught drum in TR. Lots at Stockton and Pomme
  4. I cant figure out why those burgers are so good. I like the thin ones too with the dollop of butter in the middle
  5. I didnt go passed Bearden. I did talk to some people that launched at Cape and then packed up and relaunched at Flat. They said it was a mess
  6. Started off in Flat creek with Chocolate milk looking water and only 55 degrees, Gave up quick on the crappie and headed to bridgeport. Water wast 63 and a a green color, only a couple feet viz. Threw a Choppo around some flooded brush and caught a couple real quick. Also threw a G5 crank and got bit on that too. Found a black/blue/purple jig the other day in a bush and decided just to tie it on and see what happened, even left the trailer on it, looked brand new. Caught 3 in bushes on that. 4 keeps and a handful of short fish for 4 hours. When i took out at Flat Creek the water had warme
  7. A buddy of mine got one to try, It didnt last a full day of throwing, and he wasnt catching. I have better things to spend 13 bucks on.
  8. Those look great. I would buy those any day
  9. Ive never used the Elite tech, but i love my Fenwick HMG's. Not sure what price range the tech is in but the HMG's i think were $99
  10. Yeah i saw some pretty nasty pics too. I usually launch at Bridgeport sometimes at the Flat Creek Cafe
  11. Anyone have any eyes on Flat Creek and what shape its in? Debating going that way tomorrow
  12. Had a few hours to kill yesterday so i put in at Mill about 9:30, water temp 65. Tried to get a bite going on the big spoon under docks but they are not quite there yet. Had a lot of chasers but none committed. I started running the bank and found some on beds and the ones that were still on beds were willing to play. Tossed jigs, wacky worm, shakey head but the only thing i could get the bed fish to eat was a ned. Ended up with 5 keepers for a whopping 10.59lbs. Also caught plenty of short fish. Most the fish still on the beds that I saw were spots. I did get off the bank for a minute and
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