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  1. Perhaps it's Bill Gates? All this COVID vaccination stuff was just so he could continue genetic alteration research in the hopes that he could identify as a fish. Legally.
  2. That's what I am thinking (hoping). It clicks when I hit start but maybe it just isn't relaying the power properly and needs to be replaced.
  3. Wonder what the cost is? That facility doesn't look cheap. Their approach seems sound. I would suggest they dump about 50,0000 Titan fingerlings into Beardsley but the fishing really can't get any better as it is now.
  4. Could be anything. But my thought is that it's electrical. A bad wire or connection popped loose on the 3 minute run from 86 Park to the dock. That's the hope anyways. The onboard charger has been acting funky too and not charging one of the 4 batteries like it should (starting battery). But I pulled that and charged it off a charger til full and that still didn't do it. So it's not the battery. It's in the wires somewhere and hopefully not a bigger mechanical issue.
  5. Not gonna lie.....I've pulled the "kill switch head scratcher" before. Also have pulled the "it's still in forward gear and won't start head scratcher". But this time it is NEITHER of those.
  6. Thanks guys. Guess I'll run it over to Ulrich. Not in a hurry so it's fine if they are backed up.
  7. Who are you guys using for your outboards in Branson area? Came down this weekend, launched and took a 3 minute ride to the slip at the dock. Came back a few hours later to fire her up and nothing. The solenoid just clicks but nothing will turn over. I am no mechanic by any stretch and have no clue what the deal is. I tried a new battery but that didn't help. It's an Evinrude so if there are any techs that work on them that would be best.
  8. Treble hooks at night sound like a recipe for disaster. For me anyways.
  9. 1/2oz NuTech Elite Jig with either a Netbait Paca Chunk or Zoom Super Chunk. Don't get too caught up in colors much at night. Typical browns, black and green pumpkin. 10-12" worm (I like Netbait C-Mac, Berkley Powerbait, Zoom Monster and the old stand-by original Culprit) or full sized Zoom Brush Hog. Texas rigged or Jika rigged on a owner oversized worm hook. I like the longer hook shank incase they only have the tail or back half of the worm. Also like the longer throat of the hook for more of the meat of the worm to hold it in place. Keeps you from having to bite off small chunks of the head as often and having to rethread after beating up the worm. Usually on a 1/4oz bullet sinker or with the Jika a 3/16 or 1/4oz casting sinker.
  10. Bitcoin 1 Banks 0 Bill -1
  11. Gentlemen, Winners have been sent their gift card codes. Well done! Until next year. Also, to the winners: Maybe post a pic of what you purchased from TW with your winnings. Always interesting to see what others are throwing these days. Plenty of tackle porn now that ICast stuff is being released this week. Perfect timing for the winners! Thanks again to all who participated aka donated to the winners bad habits of tackle hoarding. Bunch of enablers! -Brett
  12. Well men, another year in the books. For the first time EVER I failed to enter a lineup. That last tournament just snuck up on me. What an idiot! Although it mattered not, I wasn't going to "cash a check" anyways. Will be interesting to see if any other MLF'er jump ship and come back over to BASS next season. Winners are as follows and CONGRATS! Thanks for all who participated and hope to see you next January. 1st = $100 - Tom Ryan - T. Ryan 2nd = $60 - dwiebenga - D. Wiebenga 3rd = $30 - jackman724 - G. huber 4th = $20 - Fallguy - E. Westfall I'll get the gift cards from Tackle Warehouse sometime this week and private message the winners above the codes. Thanks again guys! -Brett
  13. Just absolutely hate to hear this. Never met Bo in person but we PM'd each other a couple of times a year about this or that related to fishing. His knowledge of Table Rock and the surrounding Ozark lakes is and was second to none. His simplistic approach to fishing is a throwback and something to be admired in a time of graphs and other technology that teeters on skewing the competitive balance of man versus their quarry. Same can be said for his boat an equipment. All from the 90s or perhaps even earlier. Didn't matter. Simple and effective. It's was actually quite refreshing to see. Nothing but respect for Bo as a fisherman and more importantly as person. Willing to divulge any hard gained info, give an honest answer or help in any way where he could. Condolences to his family, including that little fishing buddy dog of his. Rest easy, Bo.
  14. I know the GPS location on that graph. That spot makes our dock look like a desert wasteland devoid of life back in Beardsley.
  15. Reminder to get your lineups set for the Elites that start at Champlain in 2 days. Good luck!
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