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  1. This is your reminder that the Elites kick off tomorrow on legendary Lake Fork. Should be some HUGE bags brought in. Get those lineups set.
  2. Heads up that Elites kick off tomorrow on the Sabine River. Don't forget to get those lineups set!
  3. USC fell flat and like you said that's also probably because of the Zag's just being THAT good. I don't see any team beating them. Consistency is the name of the game in just about any sport to be truly successful. Heck, same could be said for life.
  4. I'll tell you what. Having not seen USC til now due to them being out in the PAC12 and just not much coverage of them on TV here in the Midwest......they are a dangerous squad. They play way bigger and more athletic than their seed for sure. Oregon was a good team and USC took it to them pretty good. I'd imagine that the game tonight will be a real barn-burner as both teams flat out get up the court in a HURRY. Don't know if I've EVER seen a team do it quicker or better than this years ZAG's. Should be a good one if USC repeats it's last performance against the Ducks.
  5. I did indeed. Which made the decision to buy it easier after speaking to him on the phone. Super nice guy and since I knew he had access to the best mechanics, engineers or other Ranger specialists regarding the boat it was a pretty easy sell. It will remain garage kept and well cared for as long as we own it. Just saw a pic of his new Vexus. Thing is SWEEEEEEET.
  6. Was a good game for sure. Hogs just had really poor shot selection the last 5 minutes or so of the game and didn't make many of them. Didn't help that Baylor just couldn't miss a 3 in that same period of time later in the 2nd half. Still a good run for the Hogs.
  7. Thanks, brother. Glad to see you back on the boards mixing it up again. Hope the family is doing well and your groundhog is still giving you fits of madness.
  8. Previous owner said he got it up to around 72. I'll probably never find out if that's true. I like to just cruise around 45-50 from spot to spot. Maybe an early morning or later in the evening when the water is like glass I would open her up. But that's the only time I'd ever run her to the max.
  9. For sure. My brother and I weren't initially looking at Rangers. Were actually looking more at Tritons more than anything else. But saw this rig and thought it was priced fairly. Which I can tell you almost NO USED BOATS ARE PRICED ACCORDINGLY IN THE CURRENT MARKET. Everyone and their brother is asking 20-30% over NADA Book prices. And just about getting it. It's crazy. But we are VERY happy with it. Very comfortable ride plus you know it's a Ranger and built to last. We aren't speed demons so to the folks that say Rangers are heavy and slow, that's fine. Going 70 with the 250 is more than eno
  10. She's a Pre-Johnny Morris Takeover model. So hopefully I can still keep what little respect I had to begin with.
  11. Wouldn't you like to know. I'm keeping it a secret so I can stealthily fish a dock on Pt. 2 without hindrance. 2009 Z520.
  12. I bring it out for giggles mostly. I throw it a handful of times when I think the situation presents itself to go for a monster. I haven't ever really committed to it or big swimbaits in general. The one in the pic is a Savage Gear Shine Glide in the 9" magnum model designed for musky I believe. I've never caught anything on it but have only had it about a year or so and only have probably 20 casts on it. I threw it for about 5 casts that day in the clear water with no followers.
  13. Came down last weekend to pick up a new rig with the brother from Bull. Fished just Saturday 3/20 around the dam and just past the 86 bridge into long creek. Long creek is about as muddy as I've ever seen it. Might have cleared up some by now but it was straight chocolate milk and maybe 4" of visibility. Up around the dam the water is still pretty clear. Rock snot is really bad in the clear section of the lake around the dam. Makes throwing a wart or any bottom bouncer a nuisance if not impossible. Broke the bill off my favorite wiggle wart by being lazy and slapping the water to get the green
  14. That's not what actually happened. He didn't turn into the bank. Well, not intentionally anyway. He caught the wake of the boats ahead of him and it kicked his bow to the left . When the hull came back down it dug in and at that speed there was no way to correct and sealed his fate with the bank. He's probably lucky he kept it mashed down so he had enough juice to jump the bank and reenter the water. He is one lucky SOB. I'd love to see the bottom of that hull. The fact that it didn't immediately start sinking is astounding. Guess Ranger is still making great boats. Wonder how much he wa
  15. Elites back at it this week. Reminder to get those rosters filled out. Good luck!
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