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  1. Compared to last week it was a grind. Started at Big Cedar area. Good color to the water but no activity. Ran south. Briar Branch was caramel color. Be careful. Big tree just out of the mouth. You can see it good but low light might present an issue. Ran back up and hit Mills Branch and Cole Hollow. Bout 8 inches of visibility but cleared up a bit as we got to the back of them. Threw the whole tackle box. Partner got a few on a jerk bait. I cycled through cranks, swim baits, spinner bait, chatter.....you get the idea. Picked up the Ned Rig and used it the rest of the day. Caught a few good one
  2. That’s awesome. I haven’t been too successful with them this year compared to past years so far.
  3. Put in at State Park about 8. Pretty dang foggy so we fished around there to the Belle..Zip, nada you get the idea. Fog broke up so we ran down to Brushy Creek. Plenty of fish on beds but no takers. Not a single bite. So headed south to a creek just up from Cricket Creek Marina. My fishing partner 1st cast. A keeper Spot. The first 100 yards he had 7. 3 were keepers. I finally caught a couple on the trusty Ned. The second one was the biggest I’ve caught on the Ned at 3lb 7oz. Lots of fun on 6lb floro. The bite died and we rode up to Mills Branch? Not quite sure of the name. My partner pu
  4. Day before yesterday we fished Flat Creek to Piney. 10-6. Found the little guys. Only 3 keepers for the day. Quite a few small ones. All on finesse bottom baits. Going to put in at Baxter tomorrow I think. Want to see what’s happening up that way for a change. Oh and all fish caught were less than 10 feet.
  5. I tried it some of the fluorocarbon last year. It’s okay but I don’t have a definite like or dislike about it. I can say I didn’t think it was as sensitive as other brands at least to me. I’m a Seaguar guy and it’s what I like. I have some K9 left over and you are welcome to it so you can make up your own mind. Message me if you are interested.
  6. Rain total here on the west side of Hollister at the house was just a tad over 5 inches. 1 3/4 yesterday. Possible rain tomorrow evening might get the level around 918 or so. Lake has come up a foot in 12 hours or so.
  7. Wondering where the best water color will be tomorrow3/14. With the lake on the rise with all the water coming in I’ve seen pics where the water looks like caramel color. I’m thinking mid lake area might be the best option. Any recommendations?
  8. Water color was definitely good. Visibility was 2-3 feet. Water temp was 48-51. Fished 9:15-4:00.
  9. What a day. Fished the James near the 76 bridge. Peach Orchard, Flat Creek and Bear Den Cove. We lost count of how many fish we caught. All on jerkbaits. We had maybe 10 keepers. Largemouth few and far between. Plenty of spots and a few smallies. Vast majority of boats were crappie fishing. All fish came in less than 15 feet with majority less than 10. Some hookups were dirt shallow. Just though I’d share.
  10. So it’s been about a month since I’ve had a chance to fish. Didn’t get out until about 730am. Morning was slow. Water 56-58 degrees. Threw most of the tackle box at them today. Caught 1 on top. 5 on jigs and couldn’t get bit to save our lives from 930-1130 or so. Finally found a creek covered up with bait fish. Electronics told the tale. Started drop shot. Purple, green pumpkin and Shad colored roboworms, zoom and chompers finesse worms did it. Lost count as to the numbers on the drop shot. We might have had 5 keepers the whole 6 hours today. It was a great day to be fishing. Have a
  11. K dock ramp looks pretty good. Put In at another ramp but looks like I saw 10 rigs parked over there. Bass fishing was decent considering cold front. Buddy got a 3+ large mouth and we both got a couple of Good small mouth. Quite a few dinks. Mixed depths from super shallow to 15 feet. All on jigs worked real slow on banks near deeper water or steep banks. Water temp was 65 to start and 68.5 when we left.
  12. Went back today. 7am to 1230. 22 bass in the boat. 3 under 12 inches. We have never caught that many on TRL. All top water on poppers. Would have had more but had a bunch of hookups but come off. My buddy put on a school and hates top water fishing. Last I heard he was going by the tackle shop. Bull Shoals is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
  13. We put in at the bottom of the hill. The ramp with the parking lot is still under water. We launch and park on the side of the road with everyone else.
  14. So I normally fish TRL, but have finally had it with heavy boat traffic and high fishing pressure. A buddy talked me into fishing with him last Friday. What a difference. Boat traffic was minimal and few fishing boats. First trip to the lake and we were quite successful. Big worms were the ticket. Saturday we went back. Poppers were the ticket. Skipped Sunday but fished Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday was my best day in a couple of years. Caught them on top again and then big worms. Every now and then a spinner bait or square bill worked. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself this past week. Oh, we tar
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