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  1. http://www.budsmotorsports.com/boat-trailers---single not sure of his current inventory
  2. Brad is out of pocket asked me to post the following: “The tournaments will start in April. Duckett fishing has recently trade marked Crappie Slayers and I am no longer able to use it. I have a new name selected and when it is legally protected will produce a tournament schedule. Thanks for your patience. “
  3. Best of luck. I should be in phone range Sunday evening.
  4. Well this is a bit embarrassing on the open forum, but it appears I lack the intelligence and/or coordination to operate it properly. Guys tell me I just have to "learn" it but it has been a problem for me. I use the remote quite well. For spot lock on brush, or maintaining a 1.3 mph on points for walleye it is just wonderful. I do fish behind docks….a lot, afraid of damaging my boat or a dock have to be careful. I seemed to be learning it well but sustained a ankle injury in January 2017 that has limited my fishing time, and my ankle simply does not seem to have the control to operate th
  5. Just west of Springfield, nw outside of Republic
  6. Have a carefully used Terrova, the spot lock is a game changer for crappie and trout, I have went to a Ultrex due to an ankle injury . A New one is about $2000 so $800???It is on the boat and glad to test drive, it all works fine...at least what I am smart enough to use. Attached are pictures, the first is the worse scuff on the motor, likely could buff out. will consider shipping???? or meet in SW MO Thanks
  7. White river.....not being a sa basically anything below 9.8 or 100 cfs is too low 9.3 50 cfs would be a carry not a float
  8. I run both, the 20x42 glass boat will float over stuff the tin boat will not, but the 18x48 tin will run over stuff on plane the glass boat will not, (both jets) I think @Stein wood boat will float even shallower. The best argument I have heard from the white river guys is that the glass is quieter????? Drop pliers put fish down in the tin??? That said if I was limited to one, which I may be soon, will be a 2048 Alweld with a 25 Tohatsu jet (40/25 11pt legal) I think a lot of difference on the white is that everyone down there knows how to glass a boat at birth.... genetics or something.
  9. Darn Stein, hate to see you let her go. She is a fine river craft and great to fish out of. Would be a great boat for any river person. If I were more sure of my health I would be on it. Best of Luck my friend. g
  10. Not sure where to post so here it is: Read below – it might be a great opportunity for a Fly fisherman and their granddaughter. From: Laura H [mailto:laura@ninaday.com]
  11. Plateau Fly Shop has replaced Backcountry, they are located on S. Campbell next to Fin and Feather on the west side just north of Battlefield. (Do not remember how long ago Back Country moved from the Battlefield location) There is also a great BBQ/Smoker store in the center.... good place to stop.
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