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  1. Oh it still is..and it was then. This dumba** didn't give a darn. Cousin about knocked him out.
  2. I was hunting Reform in Callaway County with my cousin. Start hearing .22 shots and then the ricochets. Hitting the ground and trees next to me. Talk about fear and anger. Luckily we were in climbers so we shifted around the tree and started screaming. Got down and found the guy. Some dude from Minnesota who didn't speak much English. I think he got our message, though.
  3. When I lived in Lake St. Louis I would draw in at Weldon and Busch a lot..and let me tell ya, never again! Lots of game, but I saw hikers where I thought they'd never be. Had a guy run past me on a steep ridge about 3/4-mile away from the nearest trail. Where the hell did he come from and why was he out there?? Just a lot of room for accidents and people not respecting each other.
  4. Caught a mess of 10-12" bluegill (yes, that big) during the first week of turkey season. Did an egg wash and dredged in crushed saltines. We were enjoying some blue yummies and didn't want to drive to get a batter/dredging so we tried it. Holy hell it was good. Nice and light and you tasted the fish, not the breading. Give it a try.
  5. Saw a group of Old Squaws (or Longtail ducks as they're called now due to PC culture) at Clinton Lake in Kansas this February. Must've gone blown off course by a few thousand miles.
  6. Reminds me of a John Adams quote as he aged. "I have seen a queen of France with 18 million livres of diamonds on her person, but I declare that all the charms of her face and figure added to all the glitter of her jewels did not impress me as much as that little shrub right there. Now your mother always said that I never delighted enough in the mundane, but now I find that if I look at even the smallest thing my imagination begins to roam the milky way!" Simplest things in life are the best. Sounds like a great day.
  7. Here it is without a tape on it.
  8. Sure thing. I still am not home but I should be able to get one uploaded for you tonight. I have two now with 1.5" spurs. One in Kansas and this one. It's insane.
  9. Took a few days off work for the MO opener. It was a good choice, despite the weather. Went back to one of my old, Ozark haunts. Have not hunted it in six years, but I hunted it for 15 years prior. I knew where the birds would be. Monday was a bust with no gobbles and only seeing one hen. Tuesday I didn't even get up early because it was 34 degrees and I don't care that much for hunting early. Walked down the old railroad tracks that run through the property, calling sporadically. It was 9:15 and finally heard a gobble on the neighbors about 300 yds away. I called off and on for about 45
  10. Off topic, but did you know the gin and tonic originated because of malaria? Workers on the Panama Canal figured out the area willow bark boiled into a tea helped them stay healthy. They had no idea why, just drank it. (It has quinine in it, which is in tonic water). Problem is, it tasted like crap. So, they started cutting it with gin, creating a classic cocktail. There ya go--your free history lesson of the day.
  11. I'll respond for him. He caught three walleye and four whites and a drum lol.
  12. It's so odd because they did the same thing years ago and went to hell. Then they resurfaced and the store opened and they started back up strong. Good quality and service. Now it's just reverted back to, like others have said, caring about money and that's it. I have a lot of Lews gear but I am looking elsewhere now. I've heard the Shimano DC is a good reel. Not sure on rods yet. Loomis sounds like about the best for my budget.
  13. What'd you move to? I am in the same mindset, now.
  14. You literally post five times a day looking for attention or interaction and you get mad at people for asking what a trophy is for? LMAO.
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