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  1. Dude squirrels in January have gigantic sacks and their skin might as well be leather. Love eating em but for what price..
  2. Had a bachelor party this weekend so couldn't make opening day. Have made the last 2 days count! Hunted in a driving thunderstorm last evening and I could not believe the amount of teal we shot during it. This morning was lights out but I had to leave by 8am. There are birds here, just gotta find em. I did about 2 hours of hunting and 6 hours of scouting/working yesterday. Finally paid off when I found a big ol' wad. Hank made a lot of retrieves, including some diving cripples this morning. He did really well and is very tired. Got a little extra food in the bowl when we got back. Have to give a shoutout to a call-maker from St. Louis, Chris Polk (Polk Pattern Calls). I never realized how workable teal are, and his calls are top notch. Just happened onto him from a buddy. We worked big groups, singles, etc. with the teal call and whistle. He hand makes them and sells them as a side business. Check him out if you are looking for a stellar teal call!
  3. Got out after work today and knocked down a few. Shot one right off the bat and had a lull. Two came in and I dropped both, although I thought I was going to sail this one. Ashley's dog, Jake, got his first retrieve on it. He brought it back and we set it down. About 5 min later I was just looking down at the birds and saw two bands. Unbelievable! My buddy Andy Raedeke was the one who banded it, too. One is a $100 reward band, too! Not a bad way to start the hunting season.
  4. Just a regular ol' watersnake. Nerodia sp. of some sort.
  5. My grandpa gave me his 12 ga Citori this year. It's from the 1970s and in great shape. Thinking of shooting it this year with lead. Trying to find out how old it actually is because he can't remember exactly. The naming convention for the Browning serial numbers I've found online and talking to gun shops does not match this one. The serial number is 71314 S7. Does anybody have any idea on the deviation, or where I could possibly find that info? I know the ATF and other letter boys are strict about access to looking serial numbers up.
  6. I am seeing a bunch of doves at my bird feeder. Might be a stealth mode opening morning.
  7. Well it's about that time of year. Finally found some shells for my 20 gauge and Steve on here hooked me up with 29 boxes of 12 gauge steel for $300 so I am sitting good now. We can use this as a thread for the year. Ready to get out Wednesday and dust off the rust on the ol' 20 ga and shoot 10 doves on three boxes of steel. Anybody seeing any teal yet? I have heard of a few in North MO/Southern Iowa but haven't seen any this far down yet. Looks like it could be a tough season--which, it's kind of been going downhill for a long time, but the drought in the PPR was awful this fall. I feel like they'll rebound, but this year may be sparse. Just what we needed to hear. https://deltawaterfowl.org/state-duck-surveys-offer-mixed-news-for-waterfowl-hunters/ Either way, I'm looking forward to pics like these, duck dogs, and smelly waders.
  8. Louis Freeh and Tom Pickard. There are two nobody has ever heard of that had a big role in silencing the people who identified the plot and players. After the USS Cole was bombed, some in the FBI and CIA wanted to go to Yemen and investigate/surveil the people who did it. Denied. Two of those who helped orchestrate the Cole bombing? Khalid al-Mindhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi--two of the hijackers on 9/11.
  9. I'm not a "jet fuel can't melt steel beams" 9/11 truther, but I 100% believe the U.S. government allowed it to happen. They knew this was coming but did not act. Watch the Frontline documentary "The Man who Knew" about Jim O'Neill of the FBI. He and others knew this attack was imminent, even so much as knowing when two of the hijackers entered and left the country, and that they were associated with al Qaeda. He sent reports to the FBI director and CIA that urged them to look into flight schools these terrorists were training at. Nothing was done. The FBI and CIA powers that be essentially silenced and fired him. He became head of security at the WTC and died on 9/11.. There are countless examples of our worthless government overseeing heinous experiments, military acts, etc. MK Ultra, Bay of Pigs, Operation Paperclip (which worked out I guess), and many others. Why not this one?
  10. How about a perspective from a 6th grader? I was only 11 years old at the time, but I remember it fairly vividly. I had no idea what the WTC was, or any real idea about terrorism, as I was a happy-go-lucky kid. I remember looking out the window through the old blinds as morning announcements were coming over the speaker. The sky was so, so blue. I vividly remember having the thought "that is the bluest sky I've ever seen." Not a cloud in the sky and the thick haze of summer had lifted. Of course, that is a common theme talked about now. But it was weird I noticed it. By this time it was probably when the North Tower was struck. First class of the morning was PE--heck yea! We were playing indoor soccer. Not my favorite, but still fun to start the day playing sports. About 15 min into the game our principal came in and pulled our teacher, Mrs. Lombardo, aside. I still remember the look on her face: panic, fear, uncertainty come to mind. We finished the class and went back to our home rooms instead of the scheduled English. They didn't turn the TVs on for us, which I am now grateful for. We really had no business seeing nearly 3k people die in real time. They must've called all of our parents because we were all picked up by 12pm. I remember my dad saying terrorist are attacking the United States and we needed to get home. I still had no real comprehension, but I became a little fearful. We went home and I remember watching the news coverage for a little. Then my neighbor friend, Tony, knocked on the door. We went outside and played catch. We journaled about it in class the next few days. I wish I still had the notebook to see what 11-year-old me wrote. People often ask why Millennials are so messed up. Maybe it's because a majority of us watched 3,000 people die on live TV, as well as the American way of life pre-9/11? I've since read many books on the tragedy, and I think the best thing I've learned is the heroes who prevented more loss of life and gave everyone a little more hope in humanity: Welles Crowther, Rick Rescorla, Orio Palmer, Moira Smith--all heroes and better people than I will ever be. RIP to all.
  11. Interested. Can you shoot me your number in a PM?
  12. I have two scars on my fingers from those stupid Megabass hooks. I've since learned to change them out, but boy did they hurt when they went it. First one was on a trout and Doty did the line trick on me..except the first time it didn't come out. He about jerked me onto the boat deck while my finger continued to bleed. I also ripped a nail off with fishing line one time..shudder
  13. Man do I hate working with deer hair. Messiest stuff around. Can't think of anything worse in fly tying.
  14. Fish at night. Your eyes will be opened. Also, they are eating even better with the water off it seems. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Use a jig, micro jig under a float, etc.
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