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  1. Ive been looking into the lews super duty and the diawa Lexa baitcast reels specifically for frog fishing in heavy cover. Does anyone have any feedback or personal experience good or bad with these reels? Thanks!
  2. I'm here for it! I would say this explosion goes for more than just the white river...up on the creeks running into Stockton this Spring I caught almost as many walleye as white bass this year..unheard of...any guesses on what would cause 1 species to boom like that in a particular system??
  3. Well, other than two dandy walleye it was pretty dead. A 19" andaplump 18". Had another 17-18 rainbow shake the shadow rap off at the last minute and im pretty sure i lost one more walleye on the jig..on a side note i needed a makeshift stringer so looks like ill need a new Lilley's keychain..
  4. Been too long since I've been to the dark side. I'll be slipping out tomorrow night to see what lurks and Ill post results! Can't wait.
  5. Hour west of the Twin Cities..no smallies, bass and bluegill lake
  6. Didn't get in nearly as much fishing as I wouldve liked, but during the one morning I was able to sneak away from the kids to do some serious fishing, I had 3 quality largemouth on topwater frog explosions fishing thick lilly pads and lost another. I'm convinced I later caught the same fish tho...same exact cast about an hour later and there just aren't many 5+ pounders in that lake...nothing like hand to hand combat with 65 pound braid and heavy action rods pulling pissed off pigs out of the jungle! Little different than the trout fishing ive done lately.
  7. Headed to Minnesota this weekend to fish with my Dad and brother on our home lake. Great largemouth population with some bonus pike and dandy crappie. Will post pictures afterwards! Happy 4th.
  8. 2021 has already been my best walleye year ever and it's only June 😎😎..not sure what it is, maybe i smell like baitfish but those gravel lizards wont leave me alone.
  9. Ive seen some of those big streamers you tie and those would work too! That would be a great time if you and I could sync up a trip with DJ, he's got a 4 hour drive so I try to ask permission while he's in town...doesnt always work but ill text you the next time we start trying to plan something.
  10. Cough cough...uh Mr. Billet, sir, DJ sort of whipped me from the boat a few weekends back...in the day timeπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  11. Ya it was pretty steady for about the first two hours but the last hour it was dropping back out...as the water dropped I had to wade out a ways to make sure a long cast could still get to some current...with that water slowing down, I was bummed i couldn't stay into the night and start slow rolling some jerkbaits.
  12. Hey man, I know ur busy as all get out but this time of year when the lake is gin clear with the bright sun, the night bite can be πŸ”₯πŸ”₯. We could try to meet up but even if the timing doesnt work out i could point you in the right direction and give you some jerkbaits to try.
  13. Mixed bag on mixed baits..total of 2 walleye, 1 white bass, 6 rainbows to hand and another 2 that shook off. Not bad for a 3 hour tour.. A mix of jerkbaits, black maribou, and the Tyler jig (my secret sauce bucktail πŸ€“) did the damage. Some absolutely gorgeous rainbows. Lots of different color patterns.
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