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  1. Not sure on the number of boats but i assume there will be fishing up in the trophy area and below since its flies and non soft artificials only. Come introduce yourself!
  2. Super excited to share a boat with @JestersHK and @Ryan Miloshewski this weekend!! Who else is going to brave the rain for the Cam tourney??
  3. Does anyone know if there are any good bank fishing prospects on Forest Lake near Kirksville Mo? I have a work trip coming up and wondering if i might be able to sneak in some night fishing for walleye?
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed it my friend! I'm convinced I'd be hard pressed to find someone with a deeper relationship with that stretch of river..fried those walleyes and whites for the family a couple hours ago! We'll have to do it again soon! Maybe I can convince you to come night fish with me on Taneycomo and I can try to do some of the teaching 😄.
  5. Dtrs, what other setups do you have and what do you use them for. I'm thinking my next one will be a light action with lighter line for trout jigs..
  6. After some research and low pressure salesmanship from @JestersHK i finally decided to pull the trigger on purchasing my first higher end rod..a St. Croix Avid series Spinning rod in a 6'-6" length medium light power fast action...i went over to the Bass Pro outlet and found a good deal on a Shimano Nasci size 2500 reel at half price and threw some 10 lb braid on it. This will primarily be a jerkbait setup for night fishing on Taneycomo but I decided to tie on a mono leader and try it out as a jig rod on some creek walleyes and white bass last night..everything worked as advertised! Very sensi
  7. @Seth I will gladly steal your partner. DJ and I are planning to fish as a team!
  8. Wondering if anyone is planning on fishing the CAM tournament and looking for a co angler? I would consider myself an above average jig fisherman and a so so jerkbait thrower..happy to pitch in for gas and food...sounds like a great time..pm me if you have an opening!
  9. It's unfortunate because Lew's used to make very affordable rods with great balance..now almost all their rods have a foam EVA butt section that is way lighter than the old style which makes em very tip heavy and clunky...the base Mach 1's used to be what I would consider a premium rod and you could catch em on sale for $40-50...now to get the microwave guides with a balanced feel you are looking at a tp1 or tp1 black for $100 to $130. I've been looking for a new medium light or light action setup for light jigs and im consoderong the new Abu Garcia veritas (great reviews) or forking out the e
  10. So far everyone I've met thru this forum has been an A+ fishing buddy so let's setup a future trip!
  11. Nothing big for me, caught a 17.5" a 16", and a 14.999999"
  12. I went back and forth on how much to share but as a few folks have pointed out, no matter what I share or don't..there will still be gobs of people fishing this stretch of river...also when I first moved to Missouri, I had no idea about where to fish or what baits to try and I have learned a ton on this forum so here it goes... Friday was my first 215 to Taylor float ...also the first time I've had the new kayak in any current..what a great way to experience that stretch of river! @trythisonemv has a lot of knowledge and experience on this stretch and I almost felt like I was paying for a
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