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  1. Nice work. I hit the water last Sunday with a buddy his daughter and my kids. I captained the boat and they fished.
  2. I just brought the idea up to 3 friends. Said I’m turning 40 and a buddy booked a plane ticket today. I guess I’m in. I suppose I need to do some calling! I’m driving
  3. Any outfitters better than others. I got a group of 4 four 4 nights. My thinking was just to call but would love to hammer walleye. It’s my thing!
  4. Anyone ever fish up that way? Or have advice on a trip for a week in late august/sept?
  5. Definitely speks or white fronts. I can get peeping but scratchy sound peeping would be specklebellys. Geese start to nest in the prairie pot holes as early as february
  6. Great looking grass!
  7. I’ve ice fished where the auger barely breaks through. 2 inches of ice would make me rethink having a bad day!
  8. You’re a good man.
  9. What are you asking for them?
  10. Was the shotgun in the boat?
  11. Did I ever say I bring my boat to you because YOU do the work? Happy customer too
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