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  1. Don't play that much anymore. Thinking of getting another Jack Russell when we get back. My son says I don't need a Dog that much energetic. oneshot
  2. In the plans. Still have places rented. Wife is seeing about a better way of hauling Wheelchair. Yes I'm broke from buying a Shovel but it is a good one. oneshot
  3. I might add they are Iranian. Louisiana my family has hundred plus years of history there. Mexicans are ok long as they are legal. Lived and Partied with many. I like Idaho. big rockpile
  4. Found out my Granddaughter has Full Scholarship for College in New York. Sat with a Woman that works New York Stock Exchange. Her sister works for Chicago Stock Exchange. oneshot
  5. Makes life easier. Son asked me if I wanted to do this? I done figured out to say I'm along for the ride what ever you think. But some things I don't know. Needed a Spade couldn't find any of mine so bought another. Son seen it. Thanks for buying me a Spade I have your other good one at my house. oneshot
  6. Have went through so many firearms always have more than before. Can't find Ammo. Have Muzzleloaders but only use them when I'm out for the day. oneshot
  7. Hey I'm a glutten for punishment. Finding it hard to aim my Rifle. oneshot
  8. My wife said Squirrels had to go around the House. Grey was in the Back Yard. I got my .22 and shot it. Cleaned it. Wasn't easy wit one good Arm but got it done. oneshot
  9. Was cleaning fresh cut Bean one time had Night Shade in them, thought we could clean it out. Nope! Not until the Night Shade is dry. oneshot
  10. Went by his place. Beans are turning. Was drooling over Catfish spots. Lamine River was almost tooo much. oneshot
  11. Went on Road Trip to Arrow Rock and Boonville visiting family. Picking Corn up there. oneshot
  12. No it just worked out that way. oneshot
  13. Mine is my Uncle flew from Washington,D.C. to Las Angeles 9/10. He worked at the Pentagon. oneshot
  14. Well seems your right. Bunch of Streets and such named after Gen. Chennault. Little disagreement going on down there. Louisianan claims him but Texas wants to. I like going down there and thought about living there again but got this place paid for and getting too old to be moving. oneshot
  15. This is it. My Son has been here and says it is cool. Home - Chennault Aviation Museum (chennaultmuseum.org) oneshot
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