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  1. Yea I like Turnips much better. oneshot
  2. I tried tying one. Didn't work, came home to a Goat tangled up and dead. I had bunch of fence I put up on the farm. Moved my Goats around. The Guy that bought us out took all the fence and buildings down because he didn't want anything that I had done. He bought me out because I had done killed all the Deer in the area and messed up his hunting. Thing is most the Deer I was killing was across the road. oneshot
  3. My wife thought one time she would make me feel Bad. Kicked me out. I moved in with another woman. My wife thought me and this other was getting too serious. Told me to get my crap and get back home where I belonged. Been great since. Found cutting between the belly and pubic area. Pulling gut out ,tying it to a pole, making victim walk around the pole by burning them with hot coals until they pulled all their guts out interesting. oneshot
  4. I'm confused I don't eat fish every meal but I have and my wife tells me about it because she don't. I'm really trying to figure out your point? I know what I post don't come out what is really to be said but I read and reread but you make it like I missed something. Being slow today I can't figure it out. Not getting mad just can't figure it out. oneshot
  5. Most my fishing is Catfish and Bluegill. Use to put out Set Lines but now it is Rod and Reel. oneshot
  6. Oh I can walk and go fishing any day. Drive bring home 30 pounds of Fresh Fish. Hey! We go to our Cabin find most the time we are doing work around there, then walk down do a little fishing or hunting. Cabin don't really justify having. We could have our Main House and not the Cabin and be just as happy. oneshot
  7. Watching a Guy spent thousands of dollars to go fishing Catch and Release. I guess I'm bad I catch for the Pan only time I release is when the fish isn't legal and cuss it then. Load my Gear up, drive 30 miles my fish are going in the Ice Chest. No matter how much I try I can never just go. But I was brought up you Hunt and Fish for meat, you Garden for your Vegetables. You cut wood for heat. If everything is full you rest. oneshot
  8. I'm thinking on Soil my Soil has Clay which holds Water but I'm thinking adding more Peat Moss which will make it Airy but will require more Water? oneshot
  9. Already have a suit going on another. And they was just doing what the Government said to. This Doctor and some others are doing their Private study and then going back saying this is messed up. oneshot
  10. I can't hear but can tell by feel. oneshot
  11. oneshot 1

    USPS rant

    Years ago our House was robbed . The Guy put the Dogs in the house so they wouldn't follow him. This Dog most the time is in the House he quit going over one fence because I put a Fencer up. Had my own Black and Tan Coon Hound have me down by my Throat because he had never seen me in uniform. I spoke he knew he had messed up. oneshot
  12. oneshot 1

    USPS rant

    Interesting he just likes Delivery People but I got him from a UPS Driver. oneshot
  13. oneshot 1

    USPS rant

    It takes longer now that my Dog has learned to jump a fence and Delivery People are tasty. oneshot
  14. Not fishing but one time I told my wife I was going hunting. Six hours later I come into the house. What are you doing home I didn't expect you back for a couple weeks? oneshot
  15. Actually Pinons are and some stores have Polk. Still working on the Possum seems guts hanging out and flies are a problem. oneshot
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