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  1. Over the last 6 nights in a row I have been fishing streamers up at the dam. The flow each night was approximately a half unit give or take a few cfs. Learning how to get the streamer into position through the drift took a few nights of playing around with and a long conversation with duckydoty! However after some adjustments to my technique, which included a 5 foot slow sinking leader and a short 2 to 3 foot piece of 2x tippet on the end of that and also learning that my rod tip was supposed to stay In The water haha, my success and hook up rate increased drastically over the last few nigh
  2. 12/12/2020 The turbidity of the water is getting much clearer, after hearing good reports of night bite from the previous night decided to get out and wade up by the dam! Got to the hatchery around 10pm started out with the signature series 762 French pearl the first hour had 3 fish between outlet 1 and outlet 2 had numerous hook up and get off shortly after. It would seem they were short biting a little bit. However much more active night bite then I have seen in almost 2 months. Humorous side note I fell over while wading( it was 35 degrees) but didn’t let it deter me, continued fis
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