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  1. Palaniuk was also leading at LaCrosse on the Mississippi River in 2013 before he got a day 2 DQ for culling on the wrong side of the channel. It looked like he was going to run away with that one until the DQ. That was the tourney prior to his 2013 win at St. Lawrence.
  2. I always figured these guys used the 5.x:1 reels on those bigger cranks, but it sounds like most are using 6.x:1 or even 7.x:1 reels. Couldn't imagine throwing some of those big cranks on anything faster than the 6.x:1 reel.
  3. Seth


    oneshot needs to just buy that boat he has been talking about head to wrenches neck of the woods and party!
  4. Seth


    If you can afford a new vehicle but don't plan on buying one, just spend that $$$ on propane. Spend $$$ a few months out of the year versus paying for a vehicle all year long. We replaced our old HVAC system last year with an air source heat pump system and it's very efficient. Our propane only kicks on when it's 25 or colder now. Uses a little more electricity, but our rates are cheap so it's minor.
  5. It was only Covids fault until a new president took over. It somehow became all his fault after that. Not sure how that logic works out but many seem to feel that way. 🤪
  6. I ran Airstreams for years and they did a fine job, especially for the $60 price tag. However, I had Mike Riffel build me a custom rod on the MHX S842 blank in 7' light action with a Tennessee handle and it's incredible! It ran me $180 for the rod and I paired it up with a Shimano Stradic FL 1000 and 3# Maxima Ultragreen. My Airstreams are just backups for when I bring other people who aren't setup for jig fishing now. @JestersHKruns St Croix Avid rods and those are pretty nice for a mass produced rod. That would probably be my choice if I didn't get the custom S842. Mike builds those rods wit
  7. I think there was 10-12 when they last held it. You can fish anywhere and all fish count since it's a measurement tournament. If you catch a 16" brown then you get 16" towards your total after your measure it on the bump boards that Lilleys provides everybody. It's more fun to fish the trophy area, but if you actually want to win then you'd be better off finding eddies full of stockers down below the trophy area. Catching dinks all day gets old after a while though. I'd be down there if it weren't for the conflicting schedule with our bass clubs first tourney this weekend. The only way I'
  8. I'm building a couple of new 8x3x1 raised beds and am wondering if I should till the sod before I set them in to place and add the soil mix?
  9. Here's the video from Snagmasters.
  10. The first trip below Bagnell was pretty slow on opening day. I went to LoZ three more times and each time was pretty good. Biggest we boated this year was 68lbs, but we had quite a few low 60s. Seems to be a good supply of those in LoZ right now. We fished Snagmasters and didn't have any problem catching our three man limit, but our biggest fish was only 60.7lbs and it took 67lbs to place in the money. I took my nephews on their first trip. It was a bit stressfull having that many people in my boat, but they had a ball reeling in some big ol spoonies.
  11. Set the boat in 12-20' of water the near mouth of a cove with a couple minnow rods set 10' deep and fished vertically while you fan cast a jig towards the bank. Target multiple stages of fish and reap the rewards. No Livescope required! We've fished this same way several times this spring and we've limited out 2-4 guys every time.
  12. Seth

    Favorite fish fry

    My father in law would use straight seasoned flour on fresh suckers and boy was it good! The only downfall was it trashed the oil a lot quicker than using cornmeal.
  13. Seth

    Favorite fish fry

    I keep telling myself that I need to order some to keep on hand, but I always forget until it's time to fry fish. Lousiana and Andy's yellow have been working just fine. HOnestly I could just season up some regular corn meal myself and it would taste fine. Few dabs of hot sauce and down the hatch!
  14. Seth

    Favorite fish fry

    Zatarains Crispy Southern. The local Walmart stopped carrying it so I've been using Andy's yellow.
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