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  1. I'm a weekender in the Warsaw area and wouldn't call it dirty. My place is about 11 miles by water to the harbor. The nice part about Warsaw is you have two bodies of water to fish (Osage River/Truman Lake). If I didn't have to work in the city I would be down there as a full time resident just to be able to fish just about every day.
  2. I won't be out on the water until the weekend after next. I'll post a report on what is going on in Turkey/Cole Camp Creek.
  3. What part of the lake/river were you on? I am at MM 81 at Cole Camp and Turkey Creek. I have trolled Flicker Shad at 2.2 MPH with really no luck. I have done better with crappie using slip bobbers with plastic jigs tipped with minnows. I have trolled in the past on other lakes in KS and MO with great success....just not on LOZ.
  4. I didn't troll for them this season...I stuck with Crappie on Cole Camp right after the no wake zone ends to enter it. I caught lots of small crappie and some decent channel cats this summer...but absolutely no walleye. Last walleye caught was the 4th of July of 2019 trolling flicker shad literally right on the main channel turning towards the Truman Dam coming out of Cole Camp Creek. I really haven't had much luck over the past years trolling this area. Some of the other locals I guess did decent on the White Bass trolling close to the dam.
  5. Depends on the water. The best lure I've had is either a #9 FlickerShad and my personal favorite is using a Road Runner with a leach on it. Hot N Tots have worked as well. Trolling is the best rout with the cranks, but I have really had success with leaches. The Stockton Forum has plenty of guys who are Walleye experts that I have really learned by reading their posts.
  6. Thanks Seth. I'm going to probably use the pedestal and mount it in there and tie it off on the cleats on the boat. The size is what i was more interested in. It wouldn't make sense to buy something that is going to break if I get hung up on something.
  7. Excellent. I make my own dipsy divers out of PVC, eye bolts and weights. I'll drag them at about 4 mph. I have rod mounts on my boat but they are the plastic kind...I've broke a few over the years. I know they aren't going to hold up snagging. I also have a driftmaster spider rig I use in the back. I'm worried it might break as well. But I'm going to be willing to try it this season if I can't find one someone has used and recommends. I'm starting to get cabin fever.... I'm ready for the season to start.
  8. Anyone have any recommendations for a commercial off the shelf snaggin' rod mount that can go in a pedestal? I have one I use for trolling whites, crappie and walleye...just been a bit shy of using it for snaggin'. I don't think it will hold up something big gets on it. I was going to make one out of lumber but I don't really want it to be real heavy. I'm starting to get where I don't care to hold the rods when snaggin' with the boat moving. Any ideas would be great.
  9. We've picked on up trolling right off of Gross Point where Cole Camp Creek meets the Osage. Only issue you'll have during the spring run is all the snagggin' going on. You might have to go past the 65 bridge where snaggin' isn't allowed if you do it during the spring.
  10. I'm still learning it myself. I've slowly started to catch more fish in the area. The big thing is to be patient and get out on the water. Lots of big catfish were taken this year in this area on the big mudflats. People netted their own shad then drifted the flats. In the spring when everyone is snaggin' don't be hesitant to run up into Cole Camp Creek even though it is shallow. There are a few deep areas that have produced crappie. I'm an old school wiggle wart/flicker Shad/Hot 'N Tot troller that has had to adapt to catch fish. In this area I suggest going with a slip bobber set to the des
  11. Launched the boat on Saturday morning at 8 AM...trolled #9 & #7 FlickerShad at 2.2 MPH in about 25 FOW. Didn't get a bite. Went back out an hour before dark and targeted brush against the docks using live minnows with slip bobber set to suspend them. Caught several small channel cats as well as a couple keeper crappie. Most of them hit with about 15 minutes until sun down. Went back out yesterday morning at 6 AM and targeted the same docks using the same technique. Mostly short crappie, but at about 8:30 after the rain stopped got on top of some whites that were aggressive. Only was able
  12. You nailed it when you said be careful navigating this area. I weekend live around MM81 and cringe when I see guys driving fast. The flats change in size regularly also. The navigation maps have been know to make mistakes in this area.
  13. Got the chance to fish both the early mornings and evenings around MM81. Caught several keeper crappie and catfish around the docks and my nephew nailed this solid walleye the morning of the fourth off of Gross Point. Crappie were hitting live minnows just above the brush, catfish were hitting dead minnows and cut shad in the same area. The walleye was taken using a #9 flicker shad trolled against the current right at the shelf above the main channel.
  14. This has been a great year in that area for the kitty cats. Lots of my weekend neighbors have been nailing some big ones. If I catch one its by pure accident. I'm going to try and figure out how to actually target the cats this fall. Having water moving out of the dam has really helped this year.
  15. Yes you can launch at Drake Harbor. Water is up a bit on the tail of Truman but not too bad. Appears to be about 3-4 foot high. Witnessed several guys picking up bass about 8 miles downstream on the smaller points around Turkey and Cole Camp. They appeared to be bouncing jigs off the bottom in about 8 FOW. Water is running about 2-3 MPH in the area.
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