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  1. Gauge height is showing around .75 - is that too low to float? Was thinking of floating to/from the leadmine area
  2. Thanks for all the help guys I really appreciate it. I’m 26 and in decent shape so I probably will experiment with the dragging although the boat mentioned above does look like it’s probably quite a bit lighter than mine. I’ve only floated the gasconade in my kayak and never went below Jerome in an effort to stay away from jet boats. I guess my question now is how close to the confluence with the Missouri is there still a stable smallmouth population? Assuming at some point it becomes a LM/Spots.
  3. Recently bought an aluminum bass tracker with a 25hp on it. Mostly going to be putting it on Truman but I was wondering how far up river I could make it? Bell Chutes? I know it depends on specific water level at the time but I was just curious if any of you could help me out. TIA
  4. Thanks Mike I really appreciate the info. By jig do you mean just a simple hair jig?
  5. Done a lot of crappie and bass fishing but I’ve never caught an eye and im hoping to change that this spring. Going to be taking my kayak on a variety of both large and small tributaries of LOZ, Truman, Pomme and Stockton in search of them running. If you had two poles in the boat, what would you tie on to entice an eye to bite? TIA
  6. Had a great float Saturday. Caught 8 fish total with only 1 under 13 inches but none were over 14. Didn’t take long to figure out the only spots worth fishing were the deep holes where you couldn’t see the bottom. All were caught on a PB&J ned.
  7. Decided to hold off on the float this past weekend. Being by myself on a river I’ve never been on + high water didn’t seem like a good combo. However, I think I’m set on Hootentown to McCall bridge this Saturday. Got a shuttle setup with Hootentown but if anyone’s interested in floating I’d love to have some company and we could do the shuttle ourselves.
  8. darn. It seems like such large quantity of sudden changes would be hard on the fish but obviously they cope with it well cause I know people catch good fish in there; atleast in the spring.
  9. Thanks Panfisher I really appreciate the help. Looks like everything recently shows it’s either full generation or none at all, is it safe to assume it’s always like that?
  10. I’ve been trying to find info on how to know when they’re going to generate on the Sac but haven’t found much. Wanting to do some kayaking on it this spring but obviously I don’t want to get caught out there when they start to generate. TIA
  11. Jerkbait, correct? I’ve had really great success on the lakes in late February/early March with them but never tried them for river smallies. Definitely going to have to give it a try
  12. Thanks guys I really appreciate the info. I think it’s going to be too nice this weekend to not go out and try to find a smallie or 2. I’ll update after for a report.
  13. I’m not very familiar with the area. Where is Asher’s? I think we are looking at trying around hootentown
  14. I’ve fished a lot of the smallmouth streams in Missouri but never tried the James. Thinking about giving it a go this weekend, anyone ever had any luck fishing the river in the winter? Trying to figure out which stretch of river is worth the float
  15. Anyone ever caught any smallmouth on the lake during the Winter? I know the upper Pomme has some it in and that atleast part of the population moves into the lake for deeper, warmer water in the winter but I’ve never caught one or seen any pictures.
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