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  1. Ramp there is always a joke. People sit in line in the truck but when they back down they have 15 min of loading junk into the boat and unstrapping it. Irritating to say the least. Kayaks should have their own area away from the ramp.
  2. I had a real similar experience with Bo. Very kind, generous and smart man. Would have loved to had more one on one time with him.
  3. Scaled some and filet the rest for my visiting cousin. Love the fins, they are like potato chips.
  4. Had a great day at the Rock fishing for Gills around Kimberling. Find beds and feed them crickets. The guy at the bait shop said that he was the only bait shop left on the lake. That is crazy if true. Gills are the best tasting fish there is. I wish I had more time to get down there again.
  5. Prayers sent for Bo. One of the nicest guys I have talked too in person from this site. I will just put this tweet here to look at.
  6. Fantastic, Great single barrel celebration.
  7. Fellows has turned into a bike and kayak park. They are chasing the new fad. No time for minnows. Fishing was so last decade.
  8. That has to be fake news. I hear all the time that the Muskie have eaten them all. 🤣
  9. Gas station on Glenstone north of 44, not truck stop. Don't know the name.
  10. 20 years ago there was a bait shop near here called Master baiters.
  11. I like a 7' 9" 5 power. Basically a Med Hvy Swimbait rod.
  12. Hospitals haven't figured how to get paid for those yet. As soon at they do the #s will skyrocket. 🤣
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