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  1. That has to be fake news. I hear all the time that the Muskie have eaten them all. 🤣
  2. Gas station on Glenstone north of 44, not truck stop. Don't know the name.
  3. 20 years ago there was a bait shop near here called Master baiters.
  4. I like a 7' 9" 5 power. Basically a Med Hvy Swimbait rod.
  5. Hospitals haven't figured how to get paid for those yet. As soon at they do the #s will skyrocket. 🤣
  6. Carb cleaner kills EVERYTHING. No need to test that.
  7. Bottom line is we live in a free country. You can't make everyone wear masks, social distance or take vaccines. I bet there are plenty of you that got together with family for the holidays and didn't wear a mask or social distance. People are going to do what they want. You do what you feel your part is for limiting your risk and others then move on. I guess part of the free thing is everyone bitching about what everyone else is or isn't doing. Correct? 🤣
  8. I have $2100 in mine (graph and black box). 9 inch screen. You decide biased on your wallet. But I wouldn't buy one if I were you. They are way too expensive. I hear you need to spend $10,000 to get one that is usable anyway. 🤣
  9. It's a trick to drive you nuts. Give out a little info, just enough to make you hunt for it. 🤣 When I found it there were three to pick from. 😉
  10. Where are you going to get that test?
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