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  1. I don't remember one fish not looking really healthy. It was great to see that!
  2. We were targeting smallies. The largemouth came in the same places we were smallie fishing. The largemouth did come on the shallower depths of what we were fishing or when we would try shallower in the 6-8ft range. Did catch a couple real shallow like 3-4ft.
  3. Definitely a couple weeks at TR is fantastic!! We love the area! Our next trip is in the other direction; will be heading north to SD and the glacial lakes for some smallie fishing.
  4. We are hoping to get to a few games again this year. We really like the crown club seating but they seem hard to find right now.
  5. Little late getting this posted as was really busy after getting home. Anyway wife and I were down from4-23 till 5-6. Since it is her vacation she doesn't like to get up real early so most days we didn't get out until 9-9:30 and would fish 5-6 hours. We had some good days and some not so good days. The not so good days were always the bright sunny days with little to no wind. Also didn't fish in the rain any. Yeah I know we should have but we didn't. Ned was the bait that we caught most fish on. I did catch a few on a jerkbait and crankbait(one day). The jerkbait did produce some wal
  6. This is just great! 😔 We had to go home early in 2017 and don’t want to have to leave early again because we can’t find a ramp to put in on. We finally gave up in 2017 when port of kimberling’s ramp, parking and access road were underwater. Part of the campground was underwater too. We were at bull in 2019 when it started to rain and flood too. Went home early then too. Really getting old to get flooded out wherever we go. 😔🤬
  7. Yes there is another gated ramp in the campground across the cove from the marina dock. They have a combination lock on the gate and give out combination to the campers when checking in. combination changes every month.
  8. It has been awhile since we did a daily. Back then you had to stop in the office and get a coupon to feed into the machine. Now we get the yearly and is a card kind of like a credit card. We use the ramp in campground mostly as that is where we stay.
  9. You have to pay to use the port of Kimberling ramp. You have to stop in the office(motel building) and get a daily or yearly permit. The road to the ramp has a gate across it. The ramp in the campground is just for the campers.
  10. We don’t get much past shell knob or cape fair and not too far into long creek; so it’s not like we use the whole lake. 🤣
  11. We are staying in Kimberling City. We do go all over the lake though. Our lakes are small so when down here we like to run the boat. LOL
  12. Wife and I are just leaving to head down for a couple weeks. If you see the blue Charger bass boat that is my avatar; swing by and say Hi.
  13. Add wife and I to the list as well. We will be there for a couple weeks starting the end of this week.
  14. Can it be talked about in a PM or a text?
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