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  1. Considering how you have been treated, I would file a complaint regardless of when they may release the funds do you and your wife.
  2. Go to the Missouri division of finance and file a complaint against the bank. I’ll bet they’ll get to the banks attention real quick.
  3. I found one of Phil’s reports from December 2000 while cleaning up today and thought some of you might enjoy reading it. Someone might even recognize their name on the catch and release list. If you do shout out. I only photographed the first five pages which dealt with fishing on Taneycomo.
  4. Going back to 1955 when I was 7 and my folks built a cabin on LO I’ve seen the lake 17 feet low! Twice if I remember correctly. Pretty amazing what you can see when it’s that low.
  5. a few of my recent photos
  6. Nothing compared to that Iowa giant. Caught one on a spinner bait on an inside point right after dark at LO in early April in the late 70’s. Buried a 50 lb scale so no accurate weight. Towed the boat for quite a ways and wouldn’t fit in the net. 18 pounder on a crappie jig and 6 lb test fishing for walleye below Lake Perry dam in KS.
  7. Hawkfarm

    Photo thread

    Yes from this morning. Thanks.
  8. Hawkfarm

    Photo thread

    I think my pictures are too large It simply shows the source like this [img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50803812536_b052de0c6a_k.jpg[/img]
  9. Hawkfarm

    Photo thread

    Fly fishing and photography are my hobbies. I take a lot of pictures.. Can't get pics to post
  10. I’m with Netboy. 1966 Don’t post much here but read it every day. Condo at River Point on Taneycomo.
  11. Brings back memories. We used to catch them at LO like that. They’re a lot of fun to fish for when they go to spawn. They can jump like a sailfish.
  12. I very seldom post. I always enjoy your pictures and report. We’ve got a place on Taneycomo at Short Creek and don’t have the dry fly action that you have. But we have plenty of surface action! Boats!
  13. I don’t post much here but I always like your pics and reports. Thanks
  14. Phil. Did they, or will they, reduce the flow to assist in trying to find the 3rd person that drowned from the car swept into Fall Creek?
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