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  1. Raising the seat on mine cured a couple of problems. Highly recommend it on these 12Ts.
  2. That's what lots of Cocaine and "White Crosses" will do for ya.
  3. Half of this is 73% fake news.
  4. Family's stayed healthy. I've fished with good buds and caught some fishes this year.
  5. Well he fixed it way faster and cheaper than I thought he would.....
  6. In the video: That is a chain pickerel, or maybe, a musky that someone transplanted (illegally). Grass Pickerel are small and max out at 14-15 inches. Not Lake Springfield in the video, but not sure where beyond that. In the OP: Probably a Chain Pickerel, or again possibly an illegally transported musky. MDC doesn't show that as part of their range, and I was unaware of there being any in Lake Springfield or the James, hope I can get on them if they're there. The James and its tributaries do have Grass Pickerel but they just don't get that big. Also: if she had netted that
  7. They run up the creeks from Taneycomo on occasion, my bet is that is where it came from.
  8. I tried to keep him from breaking it, but it was too late......
  9. Trying Teenagehunter photo techniques?
  10. Welcome. Will the app eventually cover flys for other species — carp or flathead catfish, for instance?
  11. I've found that most people that are offended by something, have little understanding of the situation they are offended about. I say congratulations Bill. Enjoy the rarity of holding a state record and display the mount in a place of honor.
  12. Thanks Wrench. First time I ever tied that knot actually. Yeah the loop was a bit oversized, but it worked. I like the knot as it is a non-slip, just need to refine my technique with it a bit.
  13. Harps


    Do you have a 64 GTO? You remind me of this guy....
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