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  1. No. And yes they are legal.
  2. I have no problem with anyone until they try to mess with me. A stranger throwing a line with a hook on it across my boat is something I took as messing with me.
  3. I think photos were posted. Maybe. A few years ago. Those Amish have their own weird language centered on a series of grunts and croaks. Head jerks and blinking provide subtleties.
  4. 😬 He was looking at a power stroke of a paddle upside his head if he messed with me.
  5. One of those bastards cast a line over my boat as I paddled by several of them standing on gravel bar, and I don’t see how it wasn’t on purpose. I should have cut his line, but I was a good Christian and flipped the line behind me with the paddle. I put a power stroke down and then glanced back over my shoulder and gave him my best ‘try that again’ glare without saying a word. I don’t know what he was planning to do there, but it felt like he was trying to pick a fight.
  6. But they don't all use the gravel area. I routinely see kayaks being launched/pulled out on the ramp. That's fine unless there are other people waiting to use the ramp. I was out there a couple weeks ago and there was a couple with their kayaks on the ramp, vehicle in the road, sorting things, giggling, putting lotion on. Other boaters waiting for them to get out of the way. Completely oblivious. Was out there a couple of winters ago, and there was a small group of guys, on the ramp, with spotting scopes and cameras set up bird-watching the loons. I waited a number of minutes for them before I had to get out and explain the error of their ways. Completely oblivious. I take my boat to a lot of ramps, but that one wins the prize for displays of stupid.
  7. At least the bike folks don't hang out at the ramp. Ramp etiquette is lacking at times on Fellows, and increasingly it's the newbie kayakers that can't understand the concept of put your boat in the water and get out of the way of others waiting for the ramp.
  8. I got the same response when I visited the new 'shop' (currently virtually empty of usable fishing gear). I don't know what they think they're accomplishing with this. The ship on non-native minnows sailed decades ago. The lake/river is full of non-native species, so selling minnows that weren't there in the 1800's is accomplishing nothing. So folks will source their minnows elsewhere and guess what, they're probably non-native as well. I'm not a big minnow buyer on this lake so it's not a huge factor to me, but I find it kind of dumb. What I think this actually is about is they don't want to have to take care of minnows and the the life support they require. And they don't want the minnow aroma in their clean new 'shop.' The new people running the shop are not anglers, me thinks.
  9. Sounds like the crappie spawn is over then?
  10. Raising the seat on mine cured a couple of problems. Highly recommend it on these 12Ts.
  11. That's what lots of Cocaine and "White Crosses" will do for ya.
  12. Half of this is 73% fake news.
  13. Family's stayed healthy. I've fished with good buds and caught some fishes this year.
  14. Well he fixed it way faster and cheaper than I thought he would.....
  15. In the video: That is a chain pickerel, or maybe, a musky that someone transplanted (illegally). Grass Pickerel are small and max out at 14-15 inches. Not Lake Springfield in the video, but not sure where beyond that. In the OP: Probably a Chain Pickerel, or again possibly an illegally transported musky. MDC doesn't show that as part of their range, and I was unaware of there being any in Lake Springfield or the James, hope I can get on them if they're there. The James and its tributaries do have Grass Pickerel but they just don't get that big. Also: if she had netted that fish head-first she would have had it.
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