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  1. Thanks guys--found a welder to do repairs for now but will use your leads for a replacement trailer --hard to find new or good used trailers--dealers will put you on their list for ordering
  2. Planning a trip first week of Sept. Are the ramps open at K-dock and Beaver. Have had to launch off the road at both last time I was there before the pandemic hit.
  3. Wanting to buy new or good used boat trailer for a 18 ft Lund deep vee-- roller or bunk. Any recommendations on dealers or private owners would be great.
  4. Planning a trip the week after Labor Day--any info on launching off of K-highway and fishing in the area?? Heard water is really high but might start dropping by then.
  5. Am in the area until Saturday --would like to fish upper Bull Shoals--Is there a public ramp at K-dock to handle 18 ft deep-vee? Any fishing info for that area would be appreciated--walleye, white bass??
  6. Hunter, Talked to Bucksaw people on phone--seem to be good people and would have places for us mid week during April--right now looks like our "go to place" --how far do you have to run out of the marina to get into fishing? Trying to decide if we want to slip our boat there or have it so we can go to other ramps. Thanks
  7. Hey everyone thanks for all of the replies and helpful info--will help when we get there. I have been a member of this forum for several years and have gotten lots of help before we come south. Phil does a fantastic job keeping this going. We usually go north to South Dakota later in spring-summer and fall, but have fished many of the MO lakes including Stockton, Table Rock, James River arm on Table Rock, Pomme de Terre, and Taneycomo -- have had varying degrees of success but always have had good times and always meet good people. It's like our friend at the state park on Stockton says "That's why they call it fishing and not catching" Any other info that you can share will be appreciated. If you happen to see us on the lake, stop and visit, we always have an "Irish tackle box" with us. Will post how we do.
  8. Would it be better not to slip our boat so we can go to different ramps or stay in one place? How do you fish a mud line? Have had lots of theories on that but none really have worked?
  9. Thanks Panfisher--kind of know about weather pushing fish out--have fished Stockton many times-- we always attracted cold weather, rain. Also fished there before wife and I retired so we made it an annual Easter fishing trip. That being said with Easter being early some years we probably were early for the crappies. One year had ice on trailer after launching boat. We are about 4 hours north of Truman so will watch the weather before we come. Can you help with the local bait shop info??
  10. My fishing buddy and I are planning a trip to Truman in mid to late April for some crappie fishing. Any advice on good places. Would like to slip our boat--clean place to sleep- and have a restaurant either there or close by. Also any suggestions on a guide. First timers to Truman so any help would be appreciated.
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