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  1. NWS took awhile but finally posted that it was an EF-0 twister that was 150 yards wide and touched down East of Y Highway to the West of Branson West in a lightly populated area....thankfully! They said the wide-spread damages, including the Marina and so many homes to the West and SW was caused by something called Reverse-side downdraft from the Tornado. While the actual funnel didn't do much damage, that "Reverse-side downdraft" sure did and it wasn't limited to the immediate area around the CF Marina.
  2. Yep, our Son lives down Wooley Creek Rd. and he has extreme Hail damage with saved Hailstones measuring 3 & 1/2 inches in his freezer, numerous large trees snapped off about 10 to 15 feet up from the ground and one took out his Skeeter's trailer when it dropped on it. His dock over in the cove escaped damage but the big Cell Tower up on 76 on top of the ridge West of Cape Fair got destroyed and they are without Internet until August according to T-Mobile. Cell service is spotty at best and many of his neighbors had trees on their homes and shops along with the large Hail.
  3. Notice on all the links posted about where to buy "pure gas" that there is nowhere within a 100 mile Radius of the St. Louis Metro area where non-Ethanol gas is sold. The nearest, as you travel West, is in Rolla. It took a lot of questioning and research several years ago to discover this is due to some "highly secret" agreement made with the un-elected Bureaucrats in the EPA to not sell non-Ethanol gas within that 100 mile radius. Was it really a "secret" ? Can't tell you for sure but it sure seems so due to the incredible difficulty it took to discover this fact and it was impossible to discover the reasoning for it or whom, at the retail end, agreed to this Policy. There is also some "agreement" that may have lapsed by now that only 91 Octane, or higher, non-Ethanol gas can be sold in Missouri while you could go into Arkansas and find both 87 and 89 non-Ethanol for sale. Just a basic reminder that Gasoline and Ethanol have two different Specific Gravities and, left undisturbed, Gas will eventually separate and "float" on top while Ethanol will sink to the bottom of any fuel containment vessel.....and that is right where your motor's fuel intake is located.
  4. The incredible clouds of Pollen from the dang Cedar trees didn't help either.
  5. Yessir, clearly a dratted Yellow Bass. Used to catch them far too often when I would get "persuaded" to fish the Mud-hole called "Carlyle Lake" in SW Illinois. You are correct about the darn things being "more prolific" to the point where they can almost take-over a Lake and are notorious for reducing the creel of both Crappie and White Bass in a shallow, flatland Lake like Carlyle. What their impact will be on a deeper, Highland Reservoir like TR is unknown to me but I don't like seeing/hearing the darn things are here. Maybe the larger Walters will consume them ?
  6. We were surprised, and so was the guy at MDC when I called him and sent photos, to learn that Hellbenders ( mud-puppies) exist in Table Rock. We caught two of them in our crawfish trap about 10 years ago at Baxter Boat Dock and had just read the news about the attempts to re-establish their populations in MO streams and rivers. The MDC guy ( I forget his name ) was shocked and had me send him pictures of the two critters before we released them but when he got the pictures he agreed they were actual Hellbenders. He said they were native to the White River and the feeder creeks but the program was devoted to restoration of them in flowing bodies of water, not reservoirs.
  7. Last sentence.....could not possibly agree more.
  8. It was like one of the talking heads doing the play by play said " Mizzou's Defense is really helping out GA's offense when they need it". Cook is a nice QB and gives it everything he's got plus he is a Scholar Athlete. But he's not a "gamer" since he does not rise to the occasion and folds under pressure.....as was very evident in the second half.
  9. Hydro-tech said flashing the Yamaha SHO 225 ECU allowed the butterfly on the throttle body to come fully open instead of just partially. Made a huge, immediately noticeable difference in performance and hole shot.
  10. Corn Ethanol and Gasoline have different Specific Gravities. Gasoline containing Ethanol will eventually, if allowed to sit immobile for a period of time, separate, and the lighter gasoline will float to the top while the heavier Ethanol will sink to the bottom.....exactly where your fuel pick-up is located in a boat/car fuel tank. Motion will restore, somewhat, the mixture of the two liquids. Ethanol has an affinity for water and will absorb water from the atmosphere and the more humid the percentage of the atmosphere is, the more humidity available for the process. One of the reasons engine builders were finding rusted surfaces in engines they were tearing down. However, there is a move going on to force all gasoline to contain 15% Ethanol and that is NOT a good thing !
  11. skeeter


    It wasn't just the loud exhaust from the straight-exhaust V-8's they were running, it was having the inside of your home lit-up so you could easily read a book at 3 AM. Of course we still have the night-time bright light thing going on including the clown at Baxter who always runs all the way back to the launch ramp with the huge LED lights blazing and blinding other night anglers.
  12. From the MDC website "fishing regulations": Number of poles and hooks If you use more than three poles (or two poles on the Mississippi River) at any one time, the additional poles must be labeled with your full name and address or Conservation Number. Regardless of the method or number of poles, you may not use more than a total of 33 hooks at any one time; except on the Mississippi River the maximum is 50 hooks at one time. If fishing on the Mississippi River and on other Missouri waters at the same time, no more than 50 hooks may be used and not more than 33 on waters other than the Mississippi. Hooks on trotlines must be staged at least 2 feet apart. Hooks on any type of line, as well as the line itself, must be attended every 24 hours or removed. SIX trotlines put out along "The Wall", not one of them marked, comprise far greater than the allowed "33 hooks".
  13. If you are one of those night-time anglers usually fishing "The Wall" on the same side of the Indians as Baxter Marina.....BEWARE ! Some unnamed soul has put out and then left behind several Trot-Lines along the steep shoreline and Bluff face there and they are creating a mess with the usual bait-grabbing hang ups trot-lines create. They are unmarked with no required name or address of the person installing them and run parallel to the shore.
  14. Never could figure out all the hoopla about Presley. Wife and I ( 1 pre-boomer, 1 extremely early boomer) both considered him a "Greaser". You'd have to be of our age brackets, probably, to understand the meaning of the term. Glad you enjoyed it....and him. Meanwhile, the bite in the far backs of coves with run-off water running into them was ON !!!
  15. You nailed it when you said the Lake was almost "James River Green" ! Had the Econo Lift crew convert our lift back from the Tri-toon BARGE to accommodate the new/used Skeeter and the shallow water above white air tank on the submerged econo-lift was Pea Green and the lake bottom at the slip site, which is always visible, has disappeared entirely. Assuming this is temporary due to a Phytoplankton bloom from the extended heat wave ?
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