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  1. File complaints with Missouri Attorney General's Office and the Springfield Better Business Bureau detailing the dates you made the numerous phone calls, time of day of the calls , time spent on the phone calls, name of Departments and, if you can, the names of the employees you spoke with. Be as specific as possible and detail oriented. It will go on their record as a consumer complaint which will help not only you but others too. I'm not familiar enough with Federal statutes to know if this action comes under F.D.I.C. regulations or not but surely this Academy Bank is insured by the FDIC and they may have violated some law(s) by refusing a depositor's withdrawal request.....OR....they might be getting close to insolvency and did not have the funds available and are trying to cover it up.
  2. It seems the State has huge bundles of cash to spend on new, larger boats for WP. Instead, they should be hiring more Officers and putting them on this Lake to observe the crazies seen every weekend. It seems every year the boats grow and grow in size and this is quickly going down the path that LOZ went down years ago. There's a Fakebook group called "Table Rock Lake group" where people daring to complain or comment about the ridiculous growth in the size of boats are chastised by the Group's Admin. and warned that it is a no-no to say anything about these Battleships in a Bathtub we are seeing. You are not alone with your concerns but shhhhh or you'll get censored.
  3. On our Davis Instruments Vantage Vue weather station at Baxter area, 21.06" for the year...so far, 4.06" for the recent storm total including another .65" since midnight.
  4. They claim on F'book they are "helping" the Bass during the spawn by ridding the Lake of the rough fish that suck all the eggs off of Bass' nests. No idea if that is true or not but I hope they are able to differentiate Bass from their targeted rough fish at night. Looks like this heavy rain and storms is going to reduce water clarity.
  5. Last time these extreme low temperatures lasted this long the Threadfin Shad kill was HUGE ! And these lows are setting new records. -7 F this morning at Baxter. Walking out on a Dock it looked like the bottom was covered in Silver Dollars from all the dead Shad. The Lake is steaming like a cooling Lake does in mid-Winter at a Coal-fired Power Plant.
  6. 6 Inches at Baxter and the Ramp is Snow covered over a layer of Ice from three days of the freezing rain/drizzle. -6 F here this A.M. 2/16/2021. Forecast is for 3 to 5 inches more Snow tonight and tomorrow. Local side roads have not been touched. Correction: just dropped to -7 F.
  7. I'm certainly no expert but it seems common sense that a large part of the reason for not vaccinating more people is the astounding requirement that the Pfizer mRNA COVID vaccine has to be kept at 90 degrees below zero Fahrenheit to remain effective. When Pfizer first announced the vaccine success, the highly-respected non-profit, academic medical center "Mayo Clinic" immediately announced that even they had no refrigerated facilities that could maintain that incredibly low temperature. That has obviously been since rectified but not everywhere else ! By the way, Thank You President Trump for the "Warp Speed" vaccine program you initiated and thank you for getting major manufacturing Companies to agree to divert their production facilities to making the life-saving Ventilators that were in such short supply.
  8. So in other words, the Editors running the KC Star are huge liars just like the ones running the St. Louis Post-Disgrace....why am I not surprised ? Create fear and confusion in order sell more Newspapers and achieve higher TV ratings ! Thank you and others on here with insider information for debunking the Fake News !
  9. Caught plenty of Drum at LOZ years ago but never heard of any in TR until this picture. Oddly, I was reading this just before seeing the pic: AGFC Finds Freshwater Drum in Norfork Lake – Hometown Daily News (hometowndailynewsarchives.com)
  10. There must be more than one boat in use by whomever or whatever is doing this. The boat we watched go back and forth and in circular and wildly varied "S-shaped" patterns for a couple of hours had a fully enclosed, permanent cabin structure on it and all the glass in the cabin was a very dark tint. No person was ever visible. Can't be sure but it seemed like it had a few more and different-looking antennas on the bow of the boat and the roof of the cabin. Thanks for posting the picture.
  11. We typically see the White Pelicans on their way through during Spring/Fall migrations but only very briefly. Saw an unusually large flock of about 35 birds circling above and beyond the neighboring Ridge to land over in the Little Indian Creek arm two weeks ago during that cold, rainy spell. They fly in a different formation than the huge flocks of Snow Geese that pass over since they kind of "stack-up" in single file, one bird behind the one in front and just a little higher. I've never personally witnessed them hanging around...maybe others have ?
  12. We've had a boat with several odd-looking antennas on the Roof and the Bow traveling back and forth at the mouth of the Big and Little Indian creek arms where they meet the White River channel out in front of Baxter Marina and the Baxter campground this morning. No one is visible on this boat as it has a fully enclosed cabin on the mid-section of the boat and that cabin has very dark tinted glass on it. Has anyone heard of or know of another mapping operation in process ? Thought that was accomplished when we saw about six boats spread-out in a line a few years back going slowly up the Lake and making a high definition sonar map of the bottom ? thanks.
  13. 3.6" at Baxter on TRL so far as of Wed. A.M. and a lot more is forecast today and tonight. I think the drought is ended LOL !
  14. I tried to be diplomatic and not crap on MK for that weird claim so I'm glad someone else saw through their statement that made no sense at all. I'm hearing many high-end trollers are going to brushless motors ( that I'm still trying to wrap my feeble brain around how they work ) and I own and use multiple brushless DeWalt power tools and really like their performance. So I'm now curious what the consequences of using Li-Iron ( not Li-ion ) batteries would be on brushless motors.....according to MK that is.
  15. Information in the link I provided claims the Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are not subject to the Thermal Runaway that Lithium Ion batteries have become infamous for that resulted in on-board aircraft fires while transporting them.
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