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  1. Would you survive more than a few days? I guess maybe.
  2. I currently have brain cancer. Anaplastic Astrocytoma. They removed most of it via surgery but had to leave some so I could do stuff like walk and talk and see and hear. And if you're a big dummy like me, I'm "ruined" according to Wrench, I write down all of my questions in a little spiral notebook and take that with me to every Dr appt. Heck, the last time I went to see my neurosurgeon I was asking questions out of my notebook and he asked to see it. I told him write down everything you just said cause in 10 minutes I won't remember. Had a hard time finding the Patmobile in the pa
  3. When the cop told me to just empty my pockets and walk to his cruiser... He said he didn't want to cuff me in front of my grandmother. Super cool. They all get the benefit of the doubt now. Once I called MDC on a guy in a canoe at my local park pond. Guy called right back, I explained canoer had no PFD on and also I was mad that I didn't get to fish from a boat there, so why should he. Agent laughed and said, yeah, no kidding.
  4. At the beginning of this covid mess the stay at homes in my neighborhood wanted to have a nice big beautiful Tom taken to a rescue cause he was strutting around, staring at their super shiny vehicles and sliding glass doors because he "didn't have street smarts." I told em, he's just trying to find him some women and he thinks his reflection is competition and besides, the way things are going we might have to eat him. No one has seen him since. Escape those broads he did. I see them all the time. Deer too. We have 80 acres of common ground/woods that belongs to the animals. They do well
  5. patfish

    What's Cooking?

    Anyone have a good recipe for Adobo? Even just the seasonings, marinade or whatever. I am perfectly capable of grilling chicken. Thank you and have a great weekend.
  6. You can say whatever you want to me, because in 10 minutes or less I won't remember. The old Pat is gone and Pat 2.0 is a world class knucklehead.
  7. When I was in H.S. a buddy of mine's GF passed out at his house. No one knew what to do with her but she had to be home so we threw her in the car, drove to the nearest grocery. Borrowed a cart and left her in that in her front yard before her curfew time.
  8. My younger brother is one of your nemesis'. He got a commedation from the city of Ballwin for stopping and saving a joggers life. Guy was having a heart attack. I do not apologize for your "suffering". BoofreakinHoo!
  9. Almost forgot about this one.... Saltwater fishing
  10. He's the reason we can't have nice things. Park the boat next to the Land Rover.
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