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  1. I had been doing ok by dipping in the colors and then reheating the head after dipping in the crinkle but once you dip it in the crinkle you should stop and not heat again until you cure the jigs in the oven. After dipping it in crinkle the head should look shiny black and and when you bake them in the oven the colors come through. Been experimenting with oven temps and seems 300-350 works the best for me and heads are finished in 10-15 minutes.
  2. I love painting jigs. A new kind of powder paint came out called crinkle in four colors so I ordered some to try. It was frustrating at first because I couldn't get mine to look like the paint jobs that I had seen. Finally, after a couple hundred so so painted heads I figured it out. Don't know if they will catch more fish but they sure look cool.
  3. I bought a Revo MGX Extreme 2000 in 2017, it came with two spools, regular and shallow which I thought was a great idea. Casts great and in February, 2018 caught my biggest bass that weighed 9.5 lbs. on 4lb line using a black hair jig. Went home and bought another reel so now I have two. I use them all the time whether I'm fishing for bass, crappie or bluegills. Only reels I like more are my Stella's.
  4. All I fish are small lakes and rivers from the bank or wade. The feathers I used to make the jig are mallard flank but also use gadwall and wood duck feathers too. I started tying over 25 years ago and my first fish caught on my ties was made with duck feathers, still my favorite jig.
  5. That crappie was caught using a Keitech 2" Easy Shiner. Only plastics I use are Keitech or stinger baits with long tails. Mostly use my duck feather ties. I waded yesterday and couldn't have reached the fish from the bank. This one might be a male, looks like it's starting to darken up.
  6. I went again today and did slightly better numberwise with three , biggest was just over 14". Lost another giant that hit my jig inches below the surface as I was going to drop my jig into another spot. It took off like a hybrid striper peeling drag and ripped the hook out in about two seconds. I don't keep big crappie but would have liked to have a couple pictures before I release it. Losing two giants in two days is too much.
  7. I gave my favorite crappie lake yesterday a shot yesterday and it was slow. Only caught one ten incher in three hours then wind picked up so tried one spot before I left. Lost a big black crappie on first cast, got me wrapped in brush and hook pulled out. A couple casts later I stuck this slab. I thought it was a 17 incher but only measured 16.25". Still bigger than my previous biggest crappie at this lake by a 1/4".
  8. The bass spit this up at the bank. A couple more pics.
  9. First spot didn't pan out so hit option #2. When I got there it was occupied and he was reluctant to give it up so I walked up and around him. Good company and listener, wouldn't reveal where the fish were though. Watched me fish for a couple hours. Thought I hooked a huge crappie but turned into a 17 inch bass. Only got one nice crappie, a 14 incher as I was getting ready to leave. Water temps there was 50 degrees in the shallow water at the bank.
  10. The last time I caught a crappie from this lake was last July which is very unusual since I normally can catch them year round. Only fished it for an hour since it was 11 am when I got there and I was getting hungry. I was using a small 1/48 float n fly, #10 sickle hook. First one was 13.75 inches and the second was 14.5 inches. Also caught a bass between the two crappie. The warmer weather has some fish moving finally, both crappie had big bellies so they must be finding some shad.
  11. I buy all my molds from them along with some jig hooks, spinnerbait forms, etc. They have the best prices on The DO-IT molds anywhere. They actually refund shipping costs, nobody else does that.
  12. That goes to show that when fishing anything is possible.
  13. What a fish !! I hope it is a sauger. Who fishes for sauger with a cricket? Hog Wally does and has a possible state record to show for it. Right place, right time, the right bait. He knows how to get it done.
  14. I think the guys from Minnesota are living in Missouri now. They had a dozen holes made in minutes. The gas augers sure make it easy. Hope the ice is gone in a few days with the warmer weather and sunshine.
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