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  1. Was at cedar ridge area Tuesday and water was muddy from bridge on up towards Aldrich and maze creek was dirty out to main lake. Main lake from cedar ridge towards dam was clear. Water temps started at 43 and found some 51 later in day. Fishing was really tough for bass. Lake is about 9’ high now.
  2. Anyone know if most of lake is froze over? Would assume it is except for maybe up near the dam.
  3. I may be misunderstanding comments that have been made about Kentucky bass length limits on Stockton but there already is a 12” size limit. It went into effect on March 1 this year.
  4. Was up the big sac today and up toward Greenfield ramp water was discolored. From twin bridge up 2 or 3 miles water was pretty clear. Temps early this morning was 39 but found 49 up big Sac this afternoon. Fishing was really tough for bass, only had 4 keepers.
  5. I usually start on main lake points and if not there then move to secondary points. State park area, mutton creek area are 2 of my favorites this time of year. A-rigs my go to and if not working then jigs and jerk baits.
  6. bassnut


    We were up sons creek and big sac last Thursday and the water looked like tea in most places. Not muddy just a brown tint to the water.
  7. Was 80-82 in little sac arm Thursday evening. Bass fishing was really slow.
  8. Just drove up to Stockton to look around. Turkey and maize were frozen from the bridges as far out as I could see. Open water on little sac and big sac as far as I could see in either direction from mile long bridge. At state park old ramp was open water and at marina ramp there was open water. Didn’t go to Crabtree but would guess it is open water there also. Saw 1 boat on water.
  9. According to the water patrol site the tournament is next Saturday out of mutton creek 7 - 3:30
  10. We fished Friday till about 3:00 and managed a few but no keepers. Most came on worm or jig and about 15 to 20' deep. We tried it all - from 2' to 30' deep, points to back of coves, top waters, buzz baits, crank baits, worms, jigs, creature baits, A-rigs. Fished the little sac arm from high point to up past state park and tried brush piles, flats, bluffs, timber, points. I have no idea right now how to find keepers or what to throw.
  11. Here is about the clearest explanation about culling I could find. This was written by a Missouri fishery biologist. Keep in mind the following: the no culling rule is in effect only during July and august, and the state wide daily limit is 6 bass but most bass tournaments that weigh fish have a 5 or less bass limit. Google. WWW mobass.com/no cull rule to read this article
  12. Hammer, I think my grandson and I were putting in at same time at Mutton. We had the opposte day you had as we had 15 keepers and probably caught 35 or so. 1 on a jig, 2 on a jerk bait and all the rest on A-Rig and spy bait. All our fish came off gravel points and most were in 5-10 ft range. Had no luck fishing big rock or bluffs and spent all our time in Suns creek and the chicken rock area. Had a couple of 18", several 16", rest 15" or so. Bite got tougher in the afternoon but still able to catch several until we had to leave about 3:30. My shoulder is sore today from heaving that big A-Rig all day but worth it I guess. Hope this helps you and others with some ideas to try.
  13. When you come out of the cove where the masters ramp is be careful about cutting thru between the island and the shore on your right as it will be shallow in spots with the lake down 4'. If you go up in maize creek stay to the left and out a 100' or so from the tree line. DO Not Run UP THE RIGHT SIDE OF MAIZE. A few shallow gravel points on main lake that are pretty easy to spot.
  14. Rod and reel record is 5 lbs 6 oz and was caught on Table Rock in 2002.
  15. We were bass fishing up Sons creek yesterday and saw people catching crappie out deeper and right on the bank so they seemed to be all over. Most were fishing shallow with tubes and jigs under a float set 2 or 3 ft deep. We caught 3 big crappie on large spinnerbaits so go figure. Bass fishing was good in the afternoon and had 7 or 8 keepers all on spinnerbaits.
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